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Tony and I were invited to join Travel Channel’s team when they were in search of haunted houses, Kansas being the location they were focused on; more specifically, Atchison and the Sallie house. The current occupant at the Sallie House heard of these plans and firmly stated that Debra Pickman was not invited, and if I was with the crew when they arrived at the house, she wouldn’t allow anyone into the house.most haunted town

Atchison has many haunted houses, Kansas has strong roots in history and the TV crew could have picked any town,but they chose Atchison and the house on 2nd street was top on their list. Although I had no idea why I was being excluded, I didn’t want the team to loose capturing elements of the Sallie House, so I bowed out of going.

Front Room Only!


Greatly anticipating the possible experiences in the house the Most Haunted crew and the “psychic” were greatly let down when the renter of the house, denied the team access to any part of the house that went further than the front room. There was no reason given and there was very little footage from within the house for the film crew to use in the final airing of the episode. The Psychic Susanne Pool stated that she was hiding something in the basement that she didn’t want anyone to see.

Nevertheless we thought the episode showed off amazing haunted locations in Atchison. Kansas made it’s mark. Several homes including the Sallie House and the St. Benedict’s Haunted Abbey was featured. It is very likely this episode will also be available to watch on the internet. The local paper’s published article below.


Atchison Featured as Travel Channel’s Haunted Town

Published Feb. 16th, 2010


The air dates for The Travel Channel’s production of haunted houses, Kansas style are scheduled for 9 p.m. April 24, Thursday; midnight, Friday, April 25; and 4 p.m. Sunday, April 27, on cable channel 37. The series Haunted Town, Destination USA will feature the Atchison’s eeriest sites while actually visiting and hearing of first hand experiences. The Travel Channel’s Website,, lists Atchison as “a pleasant town of Victorian houses and leafy streets and the birthplace of Amelia Earhart.

most haunted townBut behind the quite facades, ghosts of all sorts are said to frolic.” ABC producer Caroline Christopher, co-producer John Schultz and a film crew took a week-long haunt around town and filmed 25 raw footage tapes for the documentary about haunted houses, Kansas ghosts and the city of  Atchison. The group patiently waited for shots and took part in the weirdest of midnight visits to cemeteries and hollows.

Looking for evidence of ghosts and spirits, the crew ventured to several places in Atchison including a house on North Second Street, where a little girl named Sallie is suppose to hate men and lurks in the halls waiting to scratch their eyes out; the Majestic House Bed and Breakfast, where footsteps of Benedictine monks are believed to be heading to chapel to pray; Jackson Park where a girl named Molly was supposed to have been hanged; Benedictine College where college students believe spirits still live in dorm rooms; and Mount Calvary Cemetery where they tried to communicate with the dead.

Ms. Christopher also invited Sueanne Pool (pictured above) a paranormal investigator from Kansas City, Mo. and Verle Muhrer who calls himself an eupraxsophy for hire, to tag along.

“The shoot was very successful,” Ms. Christopher said in June. “What I came here to find I found.”


Did you catch the show? What did you think?



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