The Pickmans Moved into the Sallie House 12-31-92

Moving In

December 31st of 1992


Tony and Debra were s a young couple who had recently been married and was expecting their first child in June 1993. In their search for a home to start their family, the Pickmans moved into the quaint little house located at 933 North 2nd Street. The house seemed perfect for them, three bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, a large yard, spacious kitchen and completely carpeted. They moved in on December 31, 1992.

Tony had come from a large family and a devout Catholic background. He had lived all his life in the city of Atchison. Debra had also been brought up with a Catholic background, was born in Buffalo, New York and had been in the area for about two years before they were married.


The Pickmans Move into their First House Together


The Pickmans move into the Sallie house 12-31-1992


From the outside, the Pickmans moved into a house that seemed small and unassuming, but once inside it had was rather spacious compared to the previous house they had rented. At the front door there is a small foyer with a coat closet directly across from the door. To the left a staircase leading to the 2nd floor. As you ascended the stairs, the first room to the left was what would become the baby’s nursery. To the right was the full bath, and in the farthest back corner, was another bedroom. To the right if the staircase and past the open banister was the front (master) bedroom.

Back at the front door and to the right, was the living room with tall slender windows. Off the living room and towards the back of the house was the dining room; it was an open floor plan between the two rooms. At the back of the house and to the left of the dining room, was the large kitchen complete with a small pantry, the ½ bath, the Pickmans move into the Sallie House 12-31-1993basement door tall cupboards, and the back door, which was flanked on either side by small slender windows.

The basement was small with only one unfinished room. The forced air furnace, duct work and water heater were the only things there. Behind the furnace however, was a gaping hole to another room about the same size. A tarp had lain across the opening of this hole and the large stones that had created the walls between the two rooms. Beyond that you could see large dirt mounds, and near the ceiling was the plumbing and electrical work for the upper floors.

When the Pickmans moved into the house there were no known stories about the house, no warning signs and nothing seemingly out of the ordinary.


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