The Pickmans and the PTF Family Honors the Past with Fundraising Events

An Invite Especially for You

The Pickmans have, and continue to take part in many of the fundraising events that the Paranormal Task Force has set up. This is your chance to not only meet, speak and investigate with the Pickmans but also give to the community in which the events are being held.

Helping to Preserve History

A portion of each ticket sale goes to the historical society or historical location to promote more interest and information about its past. So many people are ill-informed about the area they live in and it’s importance in their own history.

Friendly and Safe

Paranormal Task Force is proud to help out these historical places. Each and every PTF staff member goes out of their way to help, inform and allow everyday people to safely experience the paranormal with the sites they make available through these events.

A Great Opportunity to Learn about the Paranormal

Most of these events are considered an overnight event because they start at 6-7 pm and go until 4:00am. These leaves much in the way of opportunity when it comes to learning about the paranormal and becoming familiar with how to investigate and what to look for and be aware of.

Alway Available to You

The Pickmans and the PTF staff are alway available for questions, or to share evidence with and surprisingly,  during every event there is a good amount of excitement over the experiences and evidence that has been obtained. These events are the best we have seen or participated in.

A Perfect Setting

For those who are mildly interested in the paranormal, those who have investigated before or for anyone who wants to get into a certain location in order experience the paranormal in a safe way, these events are the perfect way to get involved and help the local community.

Great Locations but Space is Limited

Although Tony and I cannot participate at all the locations, we have been able to make it out to the Pythian Castle in Springfield, MO, the little town of Potosi, MO and are scheduled for the historical society’s Ray County Museum in early October. I believe tickets are still available for Ray County as well as the next event at the Pythian Castle in November.

Space is limited at each of the events and sometimes it fills up rather quickly, so if interested act soon. Here’s the link with all the information you will need: PTF Events


It is our hope that you might join us at one or more of these events and support the community in doing so. We would love to meet you.


~Debra and Tony Pickman



About Debra Pickman

After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at

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