The EVP Classification System


This classification system is widely used by investigators and others in the field who analyze paranormal audio. It is a system that was developed by the members of AA-EVP. (It should be noted that this website has been changed since the passing of Sarah Estep and integrates Transcommunication into the site


Class A

A distinct voice or sound that is clearly understood, universally accepted and undisputed. It can be heard without headphones by anyone with normal hearing, and without being told or prompted to what is being said or heard.


Class B

This class of voice is more common and can be heard over speakers by most people. It is usually distinct, however some may not be able to hear or understand what they are listening to until told what to listen for. Everyone may not agree as to what is heard when listening to a class B and some individuals may need the use of headphones


 Class C

A voice or sound that has paranormal characteristics, requires the use of headphones, and although it is often indecipherable and unintelligible, may contain one or two words that are clearly understood. Some investigators apply objectivity and disregard it, but may save it for reference purposes.

* For more information on EVP please visit the AA-EVP website.

It should be mentioned that this site has been changed since the passing of Sarah Estep and integrates TransComminucation into the website.


There seems to be one type of EVP that has not yet made it into the AA-EVP classification system and, its significance is not even agreed to by the founders of this website, however I believe it merits attention.

Likewise, there is much controversy on this class of EVP, and it is presented here only in an effort to give you the most current information on the views and theories of paranormal investigators and others relative to the field.

For this purpose, it is simply presented here as a Reverse.

Again, this is not a classification that has been designed by the AA-EVP group. And although, it may be recognized by some investigators, it be may be otherwise designated by other groups or websites.




An audible paranormal voice or sound that cannot be determine as belonging to any of the above classifications. However, when reversed this EVP will be intelligible and heard more distinctly. A Reverse EVP can be class A or B, but not a class C which would leave too much room for its claim of authenticity.


Special note: It is quiet possible that you can have a class A and also a Reverse within the same capture.

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