State of Kansas History

Kansas State

Timeline of significant Historical events:


1803 the US purchases the Louisiana Territory from France

1804 Lewis and Clark expedition reaches Kansas as it travels along the Missouri River

1820 The Missouri Compromise prohibits slavery in the place that became Kansas territory

1822 Kansas is described as a Great Desert

1825 Indian tribes from East begin relocation to Kansas

1827 Fort Leavenworth  is established. When Kansas territory was opened for settlement it served as the capital

1850 Thu Fugitive Slave Act is passed

1854 The Kansas-Nebraska Act creates two new US territories and allows settlers to choose whether to allow slavery or not

1856 a year of violence includes an attack on Lawrence and the Pottawatomie Massacre

1857 The Dread Scott decision – slaves are not citizens of the US

1858 Gold is discovered in western Kansas and The Leavenworth Constitutional Convention is held. The Wyandotte Constitutional convention is held and produces an anti-slavery constitution which serves as the basis for our state government. John brown is hanged for treason

1859 The first railroad begins construction in Kansas

January 29th 1861 KANSAS becomes a state, Topeka becomes the capital. Civil War begins.

1861 Kansas women are given the right to vote in school district elections

1862 James Lane recruits African American soldiers for the 1st Kansas colored infantry

1862 The Homestead Act provides the opportunity for many settlers to get land in Kansas

1865 Civil War ends – An amendment fails to give voting rights to women and African Americans

1870’s The depression begins. African American MEN are given the right to vote

1873 George Grant establishes the community of Victoria. The Mennonites send an official committee to study settlement in Kansas. African Americans establish the first of a series of colonies in Kansas

1876 The National Prohibition Party is founded

1877 African Americans establish the community of Nicodemus

1879 Exoduster come to Kansas

1887 Kansas women are given the right to vote in city elections

1896 The US Post Office establishes rural free delivery

1898 US Declares war on Spain (Spanish-American War

1905 Kansas adopts a comprehensive child labor law

1909 Kansa outlaws the use of a common drinking cup to control the spread of TB

1912 Kansas becomes the 7th state to give equal voting rights to women

1914-1918 WWI (1917 US enters WWI)

1920 19th Amendment gives women the rights to vote in all elections

1919 The 18th Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits alcohol

1922 Workers across the country go on strike against the railroads

1929 Stock Market crashes – leading to the Great Depression

1931 Kansas and the Great Plains experience severe drought and dust storms

1932 Amelia Earhart – 1st woman to fly solo across the Atlantic

1939-1945 WWII (1941 Pearl Harbor is attacked)

1948 Kansas votes to repeal prohibition

1950-1953 Korean War

1951 Kansas experiences the worst flooding in history

1954 Brown vs. the Topeka Board of Education US Supreme Court strikes down segregation in public schools

1965 The first US troops are sent into the Vietnam War

1969 US puts the first man on the moon

1973 End of the Vietnam war ends

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