Sightings Heartland Ghost Episode 57


Episode #57   Sighting 5th Visit (part 2)

This was a two day shooting during which time the Pickman’s had left the home 3 months earlier.

Day One

The first day Debra Pickman met with the Sightings crew as did Kelly Elias, who was a former resident who had witnessed something bizarre when her and her family lived in the house. She had never forgotten the experience and was excited to join the team at the house.

Our time was focused mainly in the nursery where Kelly explained that there was a fire that had started on the nursery wall for no Sightings Heartland Ghost Episode 57reason. At the time it was her brother’s room, and the family never found an explanation for it.

Also, while in the nursery Kelly and the other team members felt a distinct cold spot in the room for quite some time. Kelly seemed elated but puzzled by the experience as she looked around the room for a logical explanation.

The Sightings crew spent the rest of the evening in the house with Peter James who had returnedSightings Heartland Ghost Episode 57 to expand his investigation of the house to see if activity still existed within its walls. The film crew documented that Peter did indeed still pick up a presence in the house. In fact the camera caught Peter feeling the sensation of electrical shock while in the master bedroom and his cheek being burned in the nursery.


 Day Two

During the Second day, the Sightings crew spent time with Kerry Gaynor who had come back to the house along with an environmental specialist to further investigate  while the Pickman’s no longer in the house. 

Sightings Heartland Ghost Episode 57

During the investigation the environmental specialist evaluated the area, air and land surrounding the house for any strange electric fields, gas pockets or other anomalies. His conclusion was that he could not confirm here was anything odd about the land, air or surrounding area of the house.

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