Sightings Heartland Ghost Episode 50


Episode #50   Sightings 4th Visit to the House

Sightings revealed that they had contacted Peter James, who was world renowned psychic in the paranormal field. He most notably did work on the Queen Mary out in California, but had also done other locations.

We had not heard of him, so they sent us a tape of his work. The footage of his work in a prison was impressive.

This was 2 days of filming.
The 1st day we spent with Peter James.
Highlights from filming that day


  • Peter saw a little girl apparition in the upper widow before he even came into the house.
  • Peter communicated with the spirit well enough to get her name, Sallie
  • Peter sat and spoke to us about the things he was picking up in the house
  • Upstairs Peter felt a female presence in the mater bedroom that burned his face
  • Tony was scratched with the letters M C on his lower back
  • The back of Tony’s shirt mysteriously caught on fire


We did feel like we learned a bit more about the spirits in the house. Peter James hit on a lot of the historical points I had uncovered through my research. We did fell like there were spirits involved with the activity were experiencing.

peter james

Ruling out the idea that one of us was the
agent of the poltergeist activity was refreshing. We didn’t however,  know what was causing it or the other paranormal activity that we had been experiencing.

We explained to the Sightings director that we couldn’t keep up with the investigations. They had been physically and mentally taking their toll on Tony and had become a real source of animosity between us and jeopardized what we had left of our mariage.

They said they understood and would keep in touch with us.


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