Sightings Heartland Ghost Episode 49


Episode #49    Sightings 3rd Visit to the House

Several Weeks after the last Sightings investigation, we were once again contacted by their staff. They were anxious to return to the house and had already made plans to bring along a very well know individuals in the field of the paranormal field.

Kerry Gaynor was a parapsychologist, and most notably worked on the haunting Amityville house. Tony and I were both aware of this location and the stories and activity that were claimed there.


I was ecstatic that we could have someone so knowleKerry Gaynorknowledgeable about the paranormal come to help us. Tony however, was not as excited.

Again Tony and I argued about the pros and cons of yet another investigation. He argued the cons. I argued the pros; I was hopeful that we would figure out why this was happening and at least lessen the attacks on Tony. On the other hand, it seemed every time they came back Tony was attacked even worse.

Ultimately we agreed to another investigation, but Tony worried. His worry turned to deep fear and we argued about the team coming back, all the way up until they walked in the door for the next investigation.


This was a 2 day investigation, the 2nd day was spent with Kerry Gaynor.
These are the highlights from that day :


  • A previous resident walked thru the nursery and told about an unexplained fire in her brother’s room
  • A battery of equipment was brought in to observe and monitor the house over night
  • Tony and Debra were interviewed and observed by Kerry
  • Tony suffered many scratches and attacks and directly in front of Kerry
  • Kerry and the rest of the Sighting team watched for any foul play
  • Tony was checked for more scratches constantly thru the night
  • Kerry grew very concerned
  • Most everyone on the team experienced some level of unexplained activity
  • A noise on the audio recordings were captured


Once again Tony and I felt a little let down because we didn’t feel that the investigation sorted anything out for us. Kerry gave us his number in case things took a bad turn or we needed to talk with him and expresses a desire to return and do a more thorough investigation.

Tony felt very comfortable with Kerry and found it very easy to speak very candidly about his experiences. They had even talked about experiences that I did not know about. It was the only because Kerry would be a part of the next investigation that he even entertained the idea of another investigation. It was his hope that Kerry could help him.

Although he had agreed to another investigation, he was worried. His worry turned to deep fear and we argued about the team coming back, all the way up until they walked in the door for the next investigation.


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