Sallie House Floor Plans


Just so you know, these floor plans might not be completely down to the foot or inch, but it will give you a very good idea of house’s layout.

I have never published these before, but I’m sure the will be helpful if any of you have read my book, listened to our radio interviews or sat in on our conference lectures. They should help you visualizes the environment in which specific activity occurred.

1st Floor Ground Level when the Pickmans lived in the house

Floorplan downstairs

2nd Level of the House when the Pickmans lived in the house

Floorplan upstairs

Basement level of the house

Note: Openings on the east side of the house were used when the basement was originally created and lived in. When the weather and money permitted the dwelling was built upwards and the basement opening were sealed.

Floorplan basement



About Debra Pickman

After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at


  1. Hi Mrs. Pickman,
    I’ve been reading on your house off and on some for about three years now and I’ve had an experience that I feel like I should share with you or anyone else that chooses to read this comment.
    First off, I wanna say I never ever comment on anything or do this sort of stuff as I am only 17 and am shy to a fault, even over the internet, however, I’ve seen your concern for others so I feel compelled to share. I also will share and give you a little bit of back story at the end on my own personal experiences from the house I grew up in, and still live in, because I feel it could be important.

    To start, I have never been to the house, I’ve only read on you and your family’s experience and seen investigation episodes. The first time I heard of your house was from an investigation on Ghost Adventures when I was about 13/14. From there I researched on my own a little and read more from this website. After I got what I could from your website I left it alone until late last September when I received a suggestion about a live 48 hour investigation being done at the Sallie House on YouTube through a channel called liveScifi.

    I decided to watch the investigation and found it interesting, it was a group of two men and a woman who was an empath and drew pictures of the things she saw in the house. Anyway, the investigation passed and October came around and once again I’d left things alone with the Sallie House.

    Well, about two weeks after the investigation I had fallen asleep and ended up dreaming that my mom and I had moved into the Sallie House. In this dream the house was full of boxes, of course, but most of what had been unpacked were tons of religious figurines (we don’t actually own but maybe two or three religious figurines total). At this point in the dream it was dark and I was sitting in the living room while my mom was outside so, I went ahead and took a box upstairs to where I believe is the nursery and when I went in the room it turned out to be full of religious figurines and I truly mean full, they were all over the floor, in two random china cabinets, on top of them, just everywhere.

    I’d set the box down on a table in the room, which also held figurines, and sat still for a moment in the room, then I felt an arm come around my waist and a hand come around my neck, there wasn’t any pressure applied but it felt so real it woke me up because I genuinely thought my mom, who had been in the room when I fell asleep, was trying to wake me up. However, she was in a chair across the room. While, this was shocking this was not the last dream I had of the house nor does it compare to the other.

    The next night, was the next time I had a dream about the Sallie house. Once again we’d just moved in but this time there were no figurines, everything had already unpacked, and we were having a party. Some of the people at this party were my grandma, my best friend, and this boy who apparently was the son of one of my moms friends. Anyway, I didn’t like the house and I hated being alone anywhere in the house and because of this my best friend, trusted the way I felt and made me and the boy go with her upstairs at one point because she was scared she was gonna see something. She never saw anything and we went back down stairs but when we went downstairs they both sat on the couch while I sat on the floor in the way between the dinning room and the living room. At this point my mom and grandma were sitting at the dinning room table reading from the Bible and I was looking in the kitchen.

    And in the kitchen the bathroom door as well as the basement door were open, now behind the bathroom door this little girl was laying on the floor coloring in a color book, and I knew somehow that she wasn’t a living person. So, I leaned backward to try and see further into the kitchen and when I did the girl disappeared, the bathroom and basement doors slammed shut, the girl was then hanging on the back of the basement door from a rope that was shut in the door, and another girl was standing inside the kitchen.

    She looked to be about 12, wore a blue dress down to her knees, had short brown hair, and was clearly very mad. She charged at me almost immediately and tackled me to the floor, she was hissing at me and had pure black eyes. She started clawing at me and I was screaming and throwing my arms in front of my face in defense while my grandma and mom sat beside me on the floor reading from the Bible. I continued to fight and throwing my arms around and she eventually dissipated. I hugged, my mom crying and finally woke up terrified.

    Since then I haven’t had any more dreams about the house and I really hope it stays that way. I did feel the presence of something bad, potentially evil, in my room for a couple days but nothing else after. I’ve had evil presences in my house before but never in my room. I heavily believe my room to be protected by another little girl I saw in my room when I was young and also dreamt about and during the couple of days I felt the evil energy it truly felt like something was trying to fight it’s way in my room but was unable to make it very far. I have had dreams before about presences in my house that I won’t get into but they ended up making sense and relating to eyewitness stories from my other family members prior to me even knowing about them. I do not believe me to be psychic, sensitive, or an empath of any sort but I will say that the dream scared me to death and from then on I have accepted it as a warning rather it was just my imagination or not.

    However, I would like to link you to the website of liveScifi because I think it’s important that you see all that they’ve found in the Sallie House including a child’s bloody sweater dating back to the 1980’s in the attic, of which, the blood tested positive as humans. They also tested certain areas of the house with luminol and found potentially heavy blood splatter.

    Thank you for reading my story and allowing me to post it!

    • Hello Hanna,

      Thank you for your post. I found your story to be rather interesting. I’m not sure if your dreams were warnings or your subconscious, but am hopeful that either way you stay away from the house. It is not a good place. I also hope that you remain protected from negative spirits that would do you harm or that you do not want to engage with.

      As far as the links you wanted to provide, we rarely allow external links by commenters. Additionally, I just want to say that in almost every third party investigation I was a part of in that house (and there were many), a search of the attic was done. Never was anything found up there except some charred rafters from sometime before we lived there. There was an old shoe found in the basement when we lived there (back in the area beyond the hoke in the bricks) but that nothing more than that. As with the attic, most groups investigating the house have done a thorough search of those areas specifically.

      Be forewarned that it has been reported by many that LiveSciFi has been known to create “items found in the house” and other “paranormal styled activity” (and video of such activity) to enhance their ratings, following and viewership. Just one instance of such fraud=like behavior should preclude any group or individual from further credibility.

  2. Hi Debra,
    I learned about the Sallie House from a recent video “investigation”put out by Buzzfeed.
    Have you seen the video? If so, what is your opinion on the activity the Buzzfeed crew witnessed in the house?

    • Hi Rachael,

      I read the Buzzfeed article and honestly it was not very detailed about their experience. I haven’t seen the video. Did buzzfeed do it or are you referring to someone else’s video?


      • Rebecca Plenderleith

        The Sallie House is the 3rd one in the video.

        • Hi Rebecca,

          Thanks for the link and I allowed it to be shared with others here. It was really interesting, to say the least. I know the entity in the house has previously turned on or off the lights upon request (while we lived there), so that doesn’t surprise me. However, its a bit difficult to take these seriously, as in they didn’t somehow set up the light to turn on/off. On the other hand I have witnessed many unexplainable things and can’t, with all certainty, discount this experience as very real.

          Thank you again for sharing.


  3. I had a dream about living in this house the other night it was really weird

  4. Hello Debra,
    I first want to thank you for taking your time to answer my questions as well as the public’s questions. I have never had an encounter with a spirit, good or bad. What is it like to be in the presence of something supernatural? And also, did you have nightmares while you lived in the home? How did your dog respond to the ghost? And my final question, how often did the dolls in the nursery move and where did they move to? Thank you so much for answering my questions, I enjoyed the episode in Paranormal Witness that featured you family!

    • Hello again Abbey,

      You have many questions, I hope I can answer them all.

      Living in the presence of something supernatural is having the sense that you’re not alone. Sometimes it is a bump or push against you, a tug on your shirt, a very cold sensation on some part of your body. It can be sensed differently by different people depending on how the spirit once to interact with you. Sometimes it’s seeing something moved by itself or disappear within moments of turning your back on it.

      But I did not have nightmares myself however my husband did while we lived in that home.

      Our dog sensed something within days of moving into the house. She would stand at the nursery room threshold and are incessantly. At that time there were only boxes and there. When we didn’t respond in a negative way towards her barking, she felt that what she sensed was a nonthreatening. Think about when a stranger comes to the door and your dog barks. When you greet that stranger in a non defensive manner the dog no longer feels a sense of threat. When that same stranger comes to your repeatedly with the same outcome, the dog eventually learns not to bark or be bothered with them.

      When we lived in the house there was only one instance in which a doll moved. It wasn’t all I had given her as a guest wrapped with the wrapping paper and a bow. Although the box remained wrapped the doll showed up in the crib. I had just left the nursery and upon my return moments later and all was laying in the crib.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the Paranormal Witness episode. Although creative liberty did not point represents our experiences to the tee, aided a very good job in presenting the negative experiences my husband was having in the different manner in which the entity interacted differently with my husband and I; ultimately putting a wedge between us.


  5. Almost impossible to find out in what state The Sallie House is located.

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