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There are many other links posted on YouTube related to the Sallie House by visitors and investigative groups to the house. The video list has grown so much that it would be impossible to keep up with them and their respective links to personal or investigative team websites. However clicking on any of the links below will give you the opportunity to see many of these other sites that exist.

We found some great videos on YouTube. Here are the links:


Tony’s First Return to the House in 10 Years.  Tony was attacked during an investigation with Todd Bates and his Haunted Voices team in 2006

A Halloween Spooktackular by Angie Lile: A Tribute to the Sallie House  A short film done by a Sallie house enthusiast, rather well done too.

Legends of America   Two pages dedicated to not only the Sallie House, ut also the other spooky locations.

Robbie Thomas Tour September 2007  Although filmed with the idea of making a “movie”, this is a documentary styled report of experiences.

Sallie House new movie   Rather than purchase it you can watch it for free in it’s entirety HERE. (be forewarned, there are commercials and consider it is simply a documentary re stating much of what everyone already knows about the house. Starring self proclaimed psychic Robbie Thomas. This should not be considered a movie. It  There are however, a few interviews that have never been seen before. These interviews are with the owner and a neighbor.

Dark Hauntings Trailer Filmed on Location January 2007  This was a demonology team called RIDDIA ( Rhode Island Demonic Disturbance Investigative Association). The team was surprised by the experience they had at the house that depicted a dark force. They came in thinking the claims were a hoax of some sort.

Dark Hauntings reflections on the case aired Jan 2008  This was a demonology team called RIDDIA ( Rhode Island Demonic Disturbance Investigative Association) Shortly after leaving the house, several members of the team began having dark disturbances, became hospitalized and the team broke up.

As we don’t want to leave anyone out, here is a group we spent hours with, in our own home. We discussed and showed them our own evidence and were then invited to join them in their investigation into the house.

Knowing beforehand that Tony usually gets scratched, seemingly as a side effect of being in the house, and that the rest of the evidence and personal experiences usually end up getting lost, we mandated that if he got scratched it shouldn’t become the focus of their investigation. It is stated on their website that other evidence and personal experiences were had to which led them to believe the house was “haunted”.

Recently however, this link was found. It is believed that a member of the team separated from the group and tried to make a name for himself in posing this video. Interestingly, this individual does not provide the audio of something breaking in Tony’s pocket. It is simply insinuate that the sound was heard and then that the scratches were faked.

As in all investigations at the house many eyes and at least one camera was on Tony while we were there, so why and how would Tony try to fake something. Where is the proof that anything was faked or debunked? I also wonder why, as investigators, they didn’t ask to see the contents of Tony’s pockets to rule out any questionable activity.

As we don’t want to only present our own view of the experiences or investigations, we provide this link above so visitors could make up their own mind.


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After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at Debra@TheSallieHouse.com

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