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Paranormal Witness, The Harpy

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Paranormal Witness The_Harpy


I received an email out of the blue one day from Paranormal Witness. Harpy, at this point wasn’t even in our vocabulary. Not even after the research we had done regarding the black bird Tony had seen on the hand of the apparition.

We still talk about every opportunity that comes up

Of course you wonder if these types of emails are hoaxes, and like most marketing emails asking for your participation, I hesitated to respond. This one however did seem legit so we sat down to talk about it together as we always do. Tony and I had been very selective over the years hoping that against all odds, we would get a show that would produce a show that depicted our story in the same light of which we experienced it.

Of course each time I get an email or voicemail of this sort, I ask Tony his thoughts before I even respond. I can remember talking about it as we always do (at least we don’t argue about this stuff anymore). Tony usually states that he doesn’t want us to look like fools or sound crazy etc. For all these years, he has thought that some show is going to come along with the single purpose of destroying or credibility.

It goes like this

Paranormal Witness The Harpy

My response is always, “we tell them what we’ve experienced and they take it from there. We have no control after that. TV shows don’t set out to destroy people otherwise they would last for any length of time”. It rarely is a show we haven’t seen or heard about, so I then fall back on his thoughts about the particular show.

Then he yields, “Well, the episodes I’ve seen are pretty good, and I like how they …..”

Getting the Facts

At this point I replied to their email with our contact information and although we struggled to connect due to the time difference, we finally received their call and talked about what they were looking for, of which I discussed with Tony before taking it any further. Who knew they worked out of the UK? I remember having a bit of difficulty with the accent and many times just keeping up in the conversation. LOL But I loved listening to the British accent just the same.

We worked out the detail and FedEx was our best friend for a couple of days; we had contracts, releases and other paperwork to sign before they came in. The logistics of it all had to be a nightmare. They were stopping in California to interview one of the original Sightings directors, Craig Armstrong, and then finally to Kansas City to meet with Tony and I on Friday. They also arranged to fly my sister, Karen, in from New York that Sunday.

Tony’s Interview

They set us up in a very nice hotel and had sent a cab to pick up Tony from Atchison and drive him to Kansas City. They began interviewing him Friday when he got there; I was to meet up with them for lunch later that same day.
They all were really great people, and of course I still was captivated by their accent.

Paranormal Witness The HarpyThey continued interviewing Tony through Friday afternoon and into the evening. He reported that the interview was intense and he was really worn out. I was a little intimidated by those words. It’s always interesting how much raw footage it takes to make a television segment of, what evens up being, 42 minutes. That’s right 18 minutes of every hour you spend watching TV is commercials.

The crew met us in the hotel lobby Saturday morning and we were all driven back to the studio bright and early. Unfortunately they needed a little more time with Tony, which really caught us by surprise because they had already worked with him for over 10 hours. That morning added another hour and a half. I couldn’t help but feel bad for him; he was so worn out already.

My Interview

My interview took until about 6 that evening, at which time we had all decided to go out for dinner to an amazing Paranormal Witness Harpylocal plaza restaurant. We dined with the finest food and had several drinks before we all decided to head back to the hotel. They and my sister were meeting fresh and early the next morning.

Karen was done by noon, we all said our goodbyes and then Tony, my sister and I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon together and dropped her off at the airport on the way home. Funny, after hanging out with the UK crew, we all agreed that we missed the accent.

Big Kudos to Paranormal Witness

During our interviews both Tony and I had gotten visibly upset, even to the point of tears. Some of their questions dug really deep emotionally. Tony and I couldn’t believe that Saturday before we left the studio, the Paranormal Witness crew informed us that they had a psychologist on staff and at the ready should any of their interviewees feel they are struggling with the emotions that were brought up during their interviews.

No matter what time of day, whether it was a week later or 8 years later, they would take care of it at no expense to us. We had never been offered that before, but could surely understand how that could be a side effect of such a grueling interview process. Not that it was bad or that they were being aggressive or difficult, just thorough.

Airdate Paranormal Witness Harpy a Surprise

Just before the episode came out, we were contacted by a woman from Paranormal Witness who excitedly spoke about how awesome the episode came out and when it was to air and how it was going to be named the Harpy. It was the first time we had ever heard of the term. Since the team was well past the editing stage, there was little we could do, even about the name. We just waited and sort of cringed as to how the episode would be presented.

Paranormal Witness Harpy

When Tony and I do participate in these sorts of television shows, we never know what we will get in the end. Ultimately, and although we’ve asked, we have never been given any creative liberty in developing any episode. Although we weren’t entirely happy with the direction taken by Paranormal Witness, Harpy did catch the public eye.

As it turned out a lot more of the negative side of Tony’s experiences finally came out. We were thankful for that because up until that point this had never really been the case. At least maybe people would start heeding the warnings we and others had put out about the house.


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