July 29, 1993 1st Psychic in the Sallie House


Barbara Connor’s Visit

Part One


We were introduced to Barbara Connor, a psychic who had grown up in town but who had been living in California for a number of years, in a roundabout way. She was the sister of a co-worker of one Tony’s brothers who just happened to be coming to visit her family within a few days and upon hearing of our circumstances decided to stop by and see if she could help us. While in town and during a local radio interview, she spoke of having her abilities since her young years and a number of interesting situations.


taken with an instamatic camera


Although hesitant to be conferring with a psychic, we were excited when she arrived. She was accompanied by her sister who sat quietly for the majority of their hour and a half visit. We all sat on or near the couch in the living room. Barbara spoke of a little girl she was able to pick up on and found it easy to communicate with her. She told us that she liked to be called Sally.

It should be noted at this point, that we used the spelling of Sally as an assumed spelling. This spelling is used in all early references, such as on the portrait Tony drew in October of 1993. It has since come to our attention that this spirit may be older than was originally assumed and that the spelling would be Sallie. This is the spelling that has taken the forefront in all subsequent references.

This was also the first time that we actually begun to document anything we thought might be related to the activity or haunting of this house. We had invited  a few people, as witness’ to join the interview and borrowed a video and instamatic camera for the evening. Tony’s brothers ran the video camera so we could refer back to what had been documented on it. Photos were taken with a 35mm and instamatic Polaroid camera.


taken with an instamatic camera


Speaking with the “child spirit”, Barbara often sat quietly and with her eyes closed, in an attempt to tap into the energy of the spirit or spirits of the house. Sometimes she stood up and walked around to get a better sense of things. She told us many things about a little girl spirit who eventually become known worldwide as Sallie. We originally spelled her name as “Sally” since that was the only reference I was familiar with. The spelling was later changed to “Sallie” after taking into account the time it was reported she would have lived. Barbara reported that Sallie was a seven years old girl who had discomfort in her abdomen, a pain in her hand and a toothache.

I was also told that I did a lot of things that “bugged” her; that she thought I was too bossy”, and she “didn’t like it”. “Too many rules, I can’t remember them all” was what Sallie told us. Since the day the bears spun around in the living room, I had begun addressing what we considered to be, her negative behavior. Scratching Tony and waking the baby continuously through the night had been a big concern. Barbara was reassuring and told me that every child needs discipline, even young ghostly children.

She suggested that when we went about the house we occasionally remind her of the rules, just as we would do with any other child. “Be patient but firm with her”, she said. It was a strange thought for me to walk around the house addressing the behavior of a 7 year old, when I had no experience with one. Knowing Tony, it was even less likely that he would do this.

Up to this point, Tony and I had often doubted claims of extraordinary paranormal activity and that of psychic abilities. We both felt that the majority of psychics were, secretly led in their discovery of information by the actions, responses and surroundings of those they were reading. For this reason, Tony and I tried to say as little as possible during our interview. Instead, we sat quietly taking it all in and then responded to the information offered. Tony remains reserved in his assessment of Barbara and the information she shared with us.

We talked about many things and there had been several questions asked. The suggestion was made, that if we gave Sallie a few items of her own, she may leave Taylor and our own things alone. We agreed, and asked if Sallie would like a doll of her own. In an almost a disheartened voice, Barbara (reiterating Sallie’s responses) said, “Well, alright”.


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