January 1, 1993 When You Look, Back It All Begins Here

January 1, 1993

Strange Nuances

Report by: Debra Pickman

Excitedly, we moved into the house December 31, 1992, having no idea that there was anything strange or odd about it. For a few weeks while we unpacked and set up house things were quiet, but perhaps only because in January 1, 1993doing so we lived with much disorder. Beginning mid January small things, easily explained away, occurred and I often wonder how much activity went unnoticed.

Once we realized what was going on in the house, I had to think back and write down many of the activities we had found somewhat strange at the time but didn’t pay much mind to. Many of the happenings never took place again, however some did.


The following took place between

January 1st and July of 1993


The first strange thing we experienced was that our normally quiet and friendly dog barked fiercely at the threshold of the nursery room. This subsided after about a week to 10 days.

Our cats seemingly followed, with their eyes, something that often flew over our heads. We could never figure out what they found so captivating because we could never see what their eyes were frantically chasing.

Much of the activity occurred sporadically over a period of weeks; however, some of it was witnessed several times within any given day. This activity included many electrically based moments. Often we would hear the timer on our microwave or the stove sound as if it had been set and just reached the end of its cycle.

Additional and Interesting Events


One situation, I often think back on as comical. We had installed a ceiling fan in the living room complete with a set of lights. There were many evenings where Tony and I would set in the living room in the evening and watch TV. Often enough, and having so many windows in the house we simply opened windows and turned on the fan to circulate a cooling breeze through the house.

Setting the Mood


January 1, 1993As we sat there, the lights would dim quite low. This happened almost every night for a while. The fact that the wall switch was directly across the room from us when this happened had become a concern, but even more so was the fact that there was no dimmer switch hooked up for the light. We had the light, the electric checked out by an electrician to rule out bad wiring, and no problem was found.

The light continued to dim. What was even more intriguing was that no other lights, nor the TV or stereo changed at all; nothing on the same electrical circuit fluctuated or seemed effected by whatever was causing the light on the fan to dim. Tony made the off cuff comment, “Hah, we must have a ghost.” We had no idea how right he was.

I detected the cold spots mostly in the area of the stairs or the front door; often as I was going up the stairs, and on a daily basis. This is one activity that remained throughout the entire time we lived in the house.

Electronic Problems in the Nursery


We occasionally had problems with our portable phone. There were a few instances when I had not been able to use it while standing in the nursery, however upon exiting into the hall, the party that I was speaking to returned.

There was other activity that took place in the nursery. While vacuuming the wind up musical above the crib began to turn and play music on its own. Electronic musical toys would often take on a life of their own and emit sounds, hums and even distant sounding voices. I look back and wish I had known about EVP back then.

There were also other disconnection type occurrences with the phone that happened elsewhere in the house and so frequently within one conversation that I had to cut my conversation short. This happened in good weather and bad, on local and long distance calls. The battery was fully charged and at one point a new battery was installed and when the occurrence continued it gave us verification that the problem was not a faulty battery.

Our Newborn Comes Home


When we brought our newborn son home, it was a constant battle to get sleep. At least hourly, and every night he would wake as if he’d been disturbed from his sleep. It didn’t matter that he’d just eaten or been changed, or was January 1, 1993comfortably wrapped or cuddled.

It was as if someone was playing with him (or wanting to and waking him up to do so) throughout the night and the constant of this activity had Tony and I exhausted. At the time, and because we were such new parents, we thought the constant waking was normal and didn’t realize how out of the ordinary it was.

At other times, electrical items would turn themselves off or on, dependent upon what we had just done with them. If we turned the vacuum on, it would turn off; if we turned the television or stereo off in order to go up to bed, it would often come back on. Sometimes this would happen right after; sometimes this happened as we got half way up the stairs. This was another behavior that continued throughout the time we lived in the house.

The Neighbors Notice Something Strange


January 1, 1993At one point, I spoke with our neighbors to the north that lived in the red-bricked house. In a casual conversation in the back yard, I was shocked to learn that the light in the nursery could be seen by Carol and Don at all hours of the night. In fact, Carol had asked me if there was a reason, I had the baby sleeping with the light on at night.

I explained that Taylor had been sleeping in the cradle in our room and offered the idea that when they got up in the middle of the night maybe they were seeing the light on the ceiling of the hallway. She assured me that it was the light on the ceiling of the nursery they had been seeing.

Strange Mold


Remembering back there was also a few weeks where Tony and I found a strange mold on many odd things; Tupperware containers in the cupboards, dog food in the bowl and of which had only been poured out that same morning, pots and pans, magnets on the refrigerator and more.


On to July 14, 1993 >>> 

Have you experienced strange happenings?

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After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at Debra@TheSallieHouse.com

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