Ghost Adventures at the Sallie House

by Karen Rasmussen

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In 2009, Tony and I were shopping for a new car and standing in the lot when we got a call from someone on staff with the Ghost Adventures. The woman on the other end of the phone divulged who she was and expressed that the crew was interested in coming to the Sallie house for an investigation.

The way it worked back then was a little different. The people who went through the haunting experience was integral to their show. Fortunately, we were very aware of the manner in which the Ghost Adventures worked and how they antagonized spirits.

Early theory

I tried desperately to speak about the problems that we had encountered on several occasions whereas Tony was under attack while sitting in our own home. I shared our theory that this was occurring when there were investigation groups in the house and the group were being Ghost Adventures at the Sallie Housedisrespectful and challenging to the spirits in the house.

We had started to realize this when we had activity in our house, usually over the weekend, and it happened to coincide with a paranormal investigation group being at the Sallie House and provoking the spirits. This was an early theory after about 3-4 instances of this sort of activity.

In the end we told the Ghost Adventures staff that we would not be comfortable participating because we were aware of how Zak provoked spirits and would be very concerned for Tony’s safety. After my explanation, the woman on the other end of the phone was very understanding and thanked me for my time.

Fast forward 5 years


Ghost Adventures at the Sallie HouseMarch 2014, while at a wonderful  annual paranormal conference in Gettysburg, Pa, Tony and I spoke on a panel regarding violent hauntings. This was a 4 day event and of course we enjoyed it from beginning to end.

On the last day there we were approached by a mutual friend, Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio. He had expressed how our story had been a very important reason for his continued work in the field and he told us he had been working with Ghost Adventures for a whole to locate possible locations for the GA crew to go. He asked, and said it would be a great honor, if we would consider doing the show.

Final approach

We explained our concerns and being completely understanding of our position, he left it at that. He asked instead if he could contact us after the weekend and after Tony and I had more time to consider the choice.

About a month later and over the course of several weeks and emails, Dave explained that the Ghost Adventure crew had changed the way they did their investigations and would take our concerns very seriously.We eventually gave in and agreed to meet with them when they came to town and do an interview with them. We made it very clear however, that we wanted no part of going into the house.

Guess who is in town? No, Really!

Plans were made and of course we had to stay hush hush about them coming. Not sure why, once they got into town , all of Atchison was a buzz. They got in late on the day they expected and the crew finally rang our doorbell late that evening. The guys came in, did a quick interview and before we knew it they were gone.Ghost Adventures at the Sallie House

During the interview, Zak requested and wondered if Tony might accompany him to the house during a portion of their investigation. Tony has a very hard time saying “No”, and just about confirmed he would do so. In the end we left the answer on the table until we were able to talk about it together.

Since leaving that house after his last attack, Tony had often felt a strong draw to the house. We are aware of this and he feels it strong some days. This was evidenced, and serer into our minds to avoid it when he woke up to find himself standing in his bare feet out front of it on a snow covered winter morning several years ago.

He had not drive there because our vehicle was nowhere to be found. He had walked at some point in the night for 7 blocks to get there, but remembered nothing.

I’m not sure what made Tony go back into that house with Zak, perhaps it was to save face and put closure on something that has been looming over him for years.


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