Dead Cat A Horrible Accident?

A Normal Morning


One morning, during the spring of 1994, I got up for work and went to the dryer to retrieve an item or two I wanted to wear that day. I placed a basket in front of the dryer to catch any clothes as I fumbled through those inside the dryer. Being in a rush for time, I left the dryer open and some of the clothes in the basket.

Tony woke after I left for work, and seeing the clothes from the dyer, decided to fold them. The clothes however were still damp, so he threw them all back into the dryer and turned it one for a 90 minute cycle.

A short time later, he decided to run the vacuum in the living room. He pulled it out, set it up and turned it on. Like many of the other electronics items in the house it almost immediately turned itself off without human intervention.

In the background, he was able to hear the dryer tumbling and heavy thump, thump, thump coming from inside of it. He guessed I had washed a pair of tennis shoes and thought nothing of it.


What About the Thumps and Bumps


He then turned the vacuum back on again, only to have it turned off again. This process repeated itself a few more times until finally he exasperatedly yelled. “Sallie, knock it off and leave the vacuum alone!” The vacuum did not turn off anymore that afternoon, however, Tony reported to me about his experience when I got home later that afternoon.

The washer and dryer were in the kitchen so that evening, while Tony got dinner ready, I decided to fold the clothes.

I opened the dryer and began taking things out only to find that everything I pulled out had odd brown spots on it. I was really puzzled for a few minutes and then it hit me. I suddenly realized that the brown spots looked an awful lot like dried blood and a moment later I realized that the only way blood would get all over everything in the dryer was if one of my cats had gotten into the dryer before Tony turned it on.


Absolute Terror Instantly Hit


I slowly stepped away from the dryer and screamed. It took hours for me to calm down from the horror I saw in the dryer.

In retrospect, we believe that Sallie was aware that the cat was in the dryer and tried to warn or make Tony aware of this by turning the dryer off.

Later that night after regaining some composure, I began to realize Sallies actions and how horrible she must feel that the cat died. I tried to let her know that it wasn’t her fault and that Tony simply wasn’t understanding what she had been trying to tell him.


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