What is the New England Emigrant Aid Company?

1st Chartered July 27, 1854 Samuel Clarke Pomeroy, who owned the Sallie House land as of April 17, 1857, wrote from Southampton, Massachusetts, indicating his desire to go to Kansas to explore business possibilities and to keep slavery from gaining a foothold in the territory. Pomeroy, who likely was writing…

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John James Ingalls, 1833-1900

  Materials relating to John James Ingalls The Sallie house is located in the Ingalls subdivision on the easternmost side of the city of Atchison, bordering the state of Missouri and along the riverbanks of the Missouri River. Lawyer, orator, author, and politician, John J. Ingalls was born at Middletown, Essex…

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Samuel Clarke Pomeroy, 1816-1891

  Born at Southampton, Massachusetts, on January 3, 1816, Samuel C. Pomeroy attended Amherst College (1836-38) and held several local offices in Southampton before serving in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1852-53. He became active in the antislavery movement and, after the enactment of the Kansas-Nebraska bill, served as general…

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Ancestry of Samuel Clarke Pomeroy

      Samuel Clarke Pomeroy   Born Jan. 3 1816 in Hampshire Co., Southampton Mass. Died Aug. 27, 1891 in Whitinsville Co. Mass.  *Notes for Samuel Pomeroy – He attended Amherst College Mass. from 1836-1838. He then went to New York State and taught school. Then he returned to Southampton Mass.…

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Disposing of Mayor Finney?

November 28, 1915   This article discusses Finney’s contempt charges (not enforcing the prohibition laws) and the possibilities for the city should Charles C. Finney, an Officer of the Eagles Club Association, resign in relation to the case concerning the same the Eagles Club.  Paul Tonsing is being considered for his replacement.

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Mayor Finney Candidate Again?

Finney considers re-election

Feb 19,1916   The article is recognizing Dr. Charles C. Finney and his undaunted effort to be re-elected as Mayor for the city of Atchison. It seems even in the wake of his March 18th resignation, he is being asked to be a candidate again. It’s being said that he…

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Finney Elected Mayor of Atchison 1913

April 1, 1913 This article mentions very quickly that Charles C. Finney won the Elections, and then give sa run down on the polls, women voting, and the statistics as they were coming in from the different wards (which I believe are districts) of the city.  

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Vote for Finney and a Square Deal

Vote for Finney square del

March 28, 1913    The Democratic Central CommiteePolitical avertisment and endorsement with a smart platform for a “Square  Deal” as they support Charles C. Finney’s as the Democratic representtive running for Mayor. I must admit the editor may have needed some spelling and writing classes.  

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Dr. Finney Asks some Pertinent Questions

Finney Pertinent Questions

April 19, 1916   Dr. Charles C. Finney has been accused of dodging issues set forth by his opponent(s) and this is his reply to the voters. In the advertisement Finney publically asks what questions have been put out in the opponent’s campaign ha she not addressed and continues on…

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Finney States Atchison will be Vindicated Tomorrow!


  1916 Election in Atchison The day prior to the local election of Atchison’s Mayor, Dr. Charles C. Finney is confident about being re-elected despite past troubles. He asks the citizens of Atchison to stand up for themselves and do the right thing in the voting booths. As well he…

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Mayor Charles C. Finney Resignation

contempt - resignation

March 20, 1916   A dismissal of contempt charges against Dr. Charles C. Finney which had something to do with the illegal selling of liquor at the Atchison Eagles. This situation resulted in the resignation of Dr. Charles C. Finney from his position as Mayor effective rather immediately.  

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A Political Card from Dr. Charles C. Finney

Finney political card

March 13,1913   A political card/advertisement berating his opponent to the public as he runs for mayor. He makes several points concerning his platform and defends his position and points out that he never personally attacked the senior Mr. Brown such as  he was accused. To those living in Atchison…

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Charles C. Finney Arrested

Charles C. Finney arrested

October 21, 1887   Charles Finney was arrested for “disturbing the peace” pertaining to accusations of stealing a woman’s purse. Reportedly he hit a man with a cane several times during the discussion.  

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