Taylor’s 1st Birthday Revisited

Birthday gifts

Happy Birthday   Celebrated and videotaped for posterity, friends and family were invited for a celebration of Taylor’s 1st birthday. Approximately thirteen adults and 8 children were present early in the day. Gift bags containing activity books, balloons, a kaleidoscope, a rabbit’s foot and other novelty items were passed out…

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Dead Cat A Horrible Accident?

A Normal Morning   One morning, during the spring of 1994, I got up for work and went to the dryer to retrieve an item or two I wanted to wear that day. I placed a basket in front of the dryer to catch any clothes as I fumbled through…

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Christmas Morning 1993


Photographic Anomalies   Christmas 1993 was our first Christmas with the baby and while buying toys for Taylor, I often thought about Sally and how she would feel not getting presents on Christmas. I had grown fond of her and had been prodding her for the same sort of written…

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Pickman’s Christmas Party 1993


A Scary Christmas Party The week or so before Christmas, Tony and I had a holiday party for family, complete with all the trimmings: food, drink, games, gifts, and more. We had blown up a gross of balloons, most of which roamed the floors that evening. We had filled up another…

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Tony Sees Sallie November 31, 1993


Tony’s Heartstopping Morning   As far as Tony was concerned, October 31st 1993 was a morning just like every other morning. He had worked the 3rd shift and got off at 7:00am. He had gotten home and gone into the kitchen to get something to drink before taking a few…

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A Gift for Sallie; Sept 1993


The Opening of Sallie’s Gift A Boy Baby Doll   In September of 1993 and after Barbara’s visit, Tony’s brother and I got to thinking about this little spirit and how life must be cold and lonely for her on the other side; no real family, no hugs or cuddles…

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Expecting Barbara Connor

Tony holding the baby

Preparation for our Encounter with The Psychic   The night of  July 29th 1993 was to be our first ever encounter with a psychic. Barbara Connor had been contacted on our behalf by her sister who was the supervisor of one of Tony’s brothers. This will detail the instamatic photos…

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1st Psychic in the Sallie House Part 4

Barbara Connor’s Visit Part Four   A short time later, we all headed back down the stairs. In a matter of fact sort of way, Barbara said, “She runs up and down the stairs with you” (Without saying anything, I determined the coldness I often felt on my left must…

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Pickmans Inducted as PTF Members

Pickmans  inducted as honorary members of Paranormal Task Force on May 24th, 2016 Paranormal Task Force (aka. PTF) is a team and a family of like minded individuals who stand for integrity and giving back to and supporting the public.   PTF Mission statement: Paranormal Task Force is a non profit…

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Pickmans Interview with Jamie Havicom

Tony and Debra Pickman will be interviewed by Jamie Havicom on the Jamie Havicom Radio Show.

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Tune in this Sunday at 8PM CST at www.KGRARadio.com

There will be a live chat room available where you can engage in conversation and ask your own questions to the guest.

Don’t miss out!

Pickmans Join the Do You Believe Web Series

Internet Web Series of Paranormal Live Tv Available on YouTube   Join Tony and Debra Pickman in a live Youtube web broadcast  on Thursday the 3rd of March at 8pm CST on the Do You Beleive Web Series . We will be guests along with Karissa Fleck of the Horsefly chronicles. The…

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What is the New England Emigrant Aid Company?

1st Chartered July 27, 1854 Samuel Clarke Pomeroy, who owned the Sallie House land as of April 17, 1857, wrote from Southampton, Massachusetts, indicating his desire to go to Kansas to explore business possibilities and to keep slavery from gaining a foothold in the territory. Pomeroy, who likely was writing…

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