An Investigator’s Story

A Sallie House Experience; a Paranormal Investigator’s True Story

Written by Susanne and posted 3-09′

 The only way to explain the things that have happened to me is to start at the beginning. It is a long story but interesting enough if you ask me.

I went to a house that was reportedly haunted. While at this house nothing really happened out of the ordinary. At one point only, did I feel anything different in the house and that I shook off as just simple paranoia and that was that.

When listening to the recordings I realized that maybe there was more to this house. There were four different voices on those recordings that didn’t seem to belong to anyone in my group. This raised my curiosity and interest in the house immensely. I wanted to go back so badly to see if anything else could be captured at the location.

A few days went by without a hitch, then not long after I saw a young man in my room. When I say I saw him you have to understand that this was not with my eyes, but with something else. Maybe this is what others describe as a third eye but not only did I see him in this way I felt him there.

I could feel his eyes watching me, and I could feel that whoever this was, whatever it was, it wanted me to help him. I knew that this person was mentally challenged; I don’t know exactly how I knew I just did. Not only was I not mentally prepared for such an encounter, but I wouldn’t know a thing about how to help this kid anyways.

He stayed for a long time, I spoke to a friend of mine who bless his soul did not call me crazy but advised me to simply ignore whatever it was and it would eventually go away. So after being watched by this person for over a month I think, having him follow me to a hotel, and doing my best to ignore his presence when trying to fall to sleep; he was just not there anymore.  I admit I was glad he was no longer there, but I also felt a hint of guilt because I couldn’t help him.

Life went on. I spent a great deal of time listening to the EVP’s. It amazed me frankly. Then eventually curiosity struck and I found a web site dedicated to the house. I began to read, and the more I read the more I began to see connections in the things I was reading; symbols of things that seemed to connect, like this giant puzzle and I felt compelled to solve the puzzle.

I spent hours looking up information on these symbols to make sense of what I felt was there. During this time I began to feel uncomfortable in my house. I would get these intense feelings of foreboding and fear. I almost felt as if someone/thing was watching me and what/whomever it was didn’t want me to find the answers I was looking for.

During this time of research I had a very intense dream about the house. There were beings there, not human in form but something else, and they were literally eating my face. They told me that I belonged to the house now. It was so frightening to me that I screamed at them that they couldn’t have me; my soul belonged to God and woke in mid prayer of the Our Father.

I couldn’t shake the dream. I felt as if I were constantly being watched, I could feel things up in my face all the time. Sleeping was difficult and I spent many nights laying in my bed praying. I would lay there for hours saying the Rosary so terrified and always feeling that I was not alone. I felt like I was being attacked by something, not physically but mentally and spiritually.

This was now personal to me. I was on the web site reading everything I could find on the house, and the City the house was in. I was determined not to let this house get the best of me. This continued for over a year, and I was more determined than ever to return to this house just to enforce the fact that it had no control of me.

I convinced myself that what I had felt was nothing more than just my own imagination. And then a new thread appeared on the forum bored asking if anyone had felt they had been followed from the house. I told them my experience with the mentally challenged young man, and then told them that after all the reading I had done on the house I had never heard mention of a person that fit that description and how it was probably just a figment of my imagination. I kind of just laughed it off all together.

The Moderator of the site said she had heard mention of this young man. She gave me a link to another paranormal research team and sure enough she was right. I was not the only one to encounter this kid. The research team had a seer-sage in the house on their investigation. This person in the report described the exact young man that had been in my house right down to the mental disability. She even had a name on him, Jesse.

Talk about a hold it moment. I had just spent months trying to convince myself that all of this was in my head created by me and me alone. Now I have confirmation that someone else also has witnessed this person/spirit. How could it all be in my head when the exact same thing is in hers?

What does one do in this situation (besides panic)? Well I decided to try to contact this seer-sage and speak with them about what it was I saw, how I felt and see what they say. Sadly this person did not respond to my request to speak with her.

I was told by the researchers that she was very busy and did not check e-mail often.  So I am left with the realization that what I saw and felt was real, but knowing why I felt and saw was still left completely unanswered. And now those mental/spiritual attacks seem that much more intense to me.

These feelings of being attacked went on for a very long time. Eventually I decided to confide in my husband about what had been going on. I told him about these mental attacks and how I felt things rushing up on me and getting in my face. He did a cleansing on our house that night. And things did ease for a while. I finally managed to get some much needed sleep and that alone was really nice.

About three months ago I was taking a bath; all was well until it came time to get out of the tub. Once again I “saw” a man. Not the young man like before, but an old man who looked like he had been going through chemo or something. His skin was blue and he was looking at me the way a lustful person would look at someone.

Needless to say it scared me, and I scrambled to put my clothes on all the while trying to convince myself the he was not really there but just my imagination messing with me because I was in a vulnerable position.

Just as I managed to pull my pants up and started to reach for the door, the breaker blew in the fuse box. The lights in the house were gone and I was, for one brief moment in the dark room with this “imagined” thing. I ran out of that room so fast and sat on the couch while my husband was trying to get the breaker to turn back on.

It took me a bit to tell him about the experience. If the first guy was real exactly what is it that makes me think this guy was any less real? And was this guy responsible for the blown breaker in some way? It was probably just coincidence but un-nerving just the same.

Not long ago I got a better online connection, I decided to get onto the house web site and listen to their EVP’s and compare voices of what I recorded at the house and what they had gotten from the same house. I did not find any similar voices but I did find an EVP that directly correlates to the fore mentioned dream.

They have an EVP of a man saying, “They’ll swallow your soul”. This kind of confirms my belief that I was being threatened. That those feelings were not just a product of paranoid imagination there was much more to it.

Last week while watching T.V. with my youngest daughter I had another visitor. It was a girl my guess at age is around 10 or 11 years old. I tried to ignore her, I tried to shake her from my mind but in the end I ended up just telling her no.

I am not, nor have I ever been psychic. I should not be seeing these things. I don’t know if all of these beings I have encountered are just from the house, or if the house has had some bizarre effect on me.

This last experience led me to my friends on a Paranormal Forum. Many of them are in their own paranormal groups, and know many people in this world of ours. One of my friends there contacted a very well know, respected Demonologist for me and told him of the house and my predicament, He knew of the house well, knew many who had gone into it and came out with many problems. He gave me advice on how I should deal with the things I was experiencing, including getting a blessing then having my house blessed several times.

During this time, those stupid symbols kept running in my head, and although I did not want to continue thinking about this house, I couldn’t help but start lining them up and making sense of them. All the pieces seemed just to be falling into place as much as I discouraged myself from thinking about them.

In these symbols I kept running across Mars/the Sun God. If you were a very negative energy would you want to be known as anything less than a god? I’m guessing you wouldn’t. If you wanted to convey what/who you were to a human and you were evil, which human known god would be best? The god of Mars, the god of war, strength, chaos, this is who you would use. This is what this mythological god was known for.

The scratches, other than the one that said ‘HAHA’ were mostly found in threes that I saw. This would be a way of mocking the Holy Trinity.

The god of Mars also used a Sallie. This was what one would call his priest. They would gather followers.

There was a nail thrown at an investigator in the basement. This is also mocking the crucifixion.

You may not see the same connections that I see in those simple things. But you will have to decide for yourself and maybe you will come to the same conclusion as I have.

Not long after all of this, I had another upsetting visit. I was up late, it was about to turn 3 a.m. and I was watching a show on the television. I heard something in my kitchen that got my attention. Then this thing rounded the corner into the room I was in. I would describe to you what it looked like, but honestly it scared me to the point where I must have blocked the image almost immediately after the event.

Whatever this thing was, I can tell you it was not human. I have never been so terrified in my life. It was angry, maybe because I shared my story, maybe because I was considering contacting whomever it would take to get an exorcism done at the house. All I know is it scared me to the point of taking my rosary to bed and every other place I went for three weeks. I burned sage in my house while saying the Our Father, and I never want to see that thing again in my life.

My advice to anyone who wants to go into this house is Don’t Go. I was/am showing classic signs of Demonic Oppression because I went. I am working through these things the best I can. I have a support team that I thank for everything. I know the story you were told about the house.  That is what led me to it. There are things there, many things; things that should not be tampered with.

This is my story, factual but I have no evidence to back it. You can choose to believe it or not.

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About Debra Pickman

After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at


  1. I don’t have experience like that, however I experience one of my close friends been possessed after several days of being hunted by the evil spirit that she keep ignoring, cause she is too scared enough to face it I don’t know where it come from or what did she do for that spirit hunt her like that.

    One day when we’re having a normal evening at their house for dinner I call her out through the dining area cause she is in her room doing assignments but she is not answering then I decided to go inside her room then I was like “are you okay?” cause she is on her bed sitting and murmuring something.. then she stop and look at me and her eyes that time is different like, she wants to kill me.

    She run towards me I stopped her using my both hands and call for help and my friends hurried in the room to check what’s going on. 3 men stopping her but none of them unable to stop her from moving like an insane person, she keeps screaming running and bang her head on the wall, her tone of voice is different we don’t even know what she is saying.

    Then two of my friend started to call a priest that night but there car stopped with no reason then she suddenly remembered that she attended in a small Christian church and remember the pastor there that it’s not far away from their house. They decided to run instead and tell the pastor what is going on to their house.

    When they arrive we finish tying her in the chair and immediately started. The pastor begun opening his bible and saying verses. Mostly saying “In Jesus name!” Her mother thought that they get a priest and she began asking that, where’s the holy water? the pastor said that they don’t need a holy water or any kind of religious things just a bible would be enough or the word of God would be enough to drive away the demon inside her.

    It’s just like 3-5 minutes when my friend calm down and lost consciousness. The pastor explain to us about the situation. he explain a lot of things, at first it seems like He’s a joke cause he have a lot of tattoos in his arms but anyway here is the thing he explain that the best weapon of all is the word of God and your faith in it.

    Also the pastor said that demons are everywhere even in our sleep ready to grab a chance how to make our lives miserable they will do anything use someone or something to get our attention and all we need to do is to stand up and have the authority, of course there’s a divine light from God that they can’t do nothing about it. “If God is with us, who can be against us?”

    To cut that I just want to say that with all of those things that’s going on to you and your family I believe it. If those things still occur up until now is because you made some connection to those evil spirits, You need to cut that connection, you have the authority.. that is your house, that is your family and that is your body!

    I know you believe in God I’m not questioning you for that but you must put faith on it. I am also having a hard time to work with my faith with the word. Luke 10:19 “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you.” Jesus said himself that we have the authority, that we have a choice.

    The thing about the ghost buster’s people is they don’t know the fact that they curiosity leads them to whatever. They keep doing those activities just to show people that ghost or demons are real? Of course it’s real.. also the bible is real and whatever written on it is definitely REAL.

    Sometimes what they’d do is taunt, talk to those demons like as if the demon will cooperate just like that they just gonna make themselves hurt. Drive them away and don’t entertain them. Just want to say that you must stand up and fight! Before I don’t believe any of this stuff but when my friend experience it and saw it for real that’s why I have a verse for myself. Plasms 23. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. Verse 4 Yea, though I walk to the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil. For God is with me. His rod and staff they comfort me.” I didn’t mean to offend you in anyway and you and your family will be on my prayers. God bless you.

    • Hi,

      No offense taken at all. We are very aware of the word and power of God and prayers to him. we know that we have the power to stand up and say “devil get behond me”. I didn’t always believe as I do now, but I too had an experience that changed my level of belief in God. Sometimes it take an experience, whether it be paranormal or a miracle, that takes someone to the level of believing in what we canot see. I have lifed and proclaim both.

      Thank you very much for sharing your story.

      Blessing to you with the light of God

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