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Hello to all and a warm welcome to the Sallie House website. I am Debra Pickman, wife to Tony Pickman. Moving into the Sallie house in 1992, seemed to set in motion a terrifying experience for our family. Together we present as much as we can regarding past and current news and information. The website, however is currently under a reconstruction, so please be patient with us.


Tony grew up in Atchison and comes from a rather large Catholic family; he is one of eight children, secondOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA to the youngest. His dads family had 14 sibling and his mom had 13. Tony once had an experience in his bedroom when he was about 9 or 10 years old. He saw a bone chilling figure peak out of his closet door and it terrified him so much, that he never went back into that room again.

He also went to an all boys Catholic school. One year the school had a special guest that spoke to the entire school. It was the very same priest that administered the rite of exorcism to a young boy in in Missouri many years earlier. It was this case that inspired the movie The Exorcist, and is based on this specific experiences of that boy, his family and the what the priest witnessed. To say the least, what this speaker described, scared the hell out of him.


I, on the other hand, grew up in upstate New York and came from a moderately sized family; I had one younger brother and a younger sister. From a young age I had always had an interest in the paranormal, however, I had never had a paranormal experience before moving into the Sallie House.

When I was about 10 years old, I heard stories about my Aunt’s experiences in college. I also had a best friend who’s whole family had experiences at the family vacation home in Ontario. Hearing about these events and spirit interaction just peeked my curiosity even more. I just longed to have one of my own.


If there is Confusion?

Our experiences,  photos and radio interviews are shared within this site and we are sincerely dedicated to representing the facts of our experiences, the history of the house and this haunting as we’ve been doing on-line for the last 10 years. What you read within these pages should be considered foremost, even over the information heard on radio interviews conversations and Emails. I state this because I have received an email and I know that in some of the “paranormal forums” out on the world wide web, some individuals have made statements and claim that Tony and I change the details of our experiences.

I would hope that most everyone out there would realize that our experiences in the Sallie House took place over 23 years ago. As with everyone else, our memory is not always able to recall every little detail of the events we encountered as if it were yesterday. We are human, so sometimes our recollection is not nearly as reliable as we would like to think. With time it sometimes fades or gets a bit jumbled.  It’s a proven fact that even eyewitness testimony in a court of law, is subject to this potential error in an individual’s memory or recall of events and details of the past .

Some of you might hear us on the radio, speak to us in person, or even read a third party article in which there seems to be contradictory statements made. For instance, was it Tony that went upstairs or was it me? Were there 2 boots on the floor or just one? These contradictory pieces of Sallie House information are never intentional or meant to misrepresent our story or the experiences we have had.

We apologize in advance, if you ever feel there is an inconsistency in our statements and urge you to contact us should you want further clarification on anything in particular.

Tony and Debra Pickman


  1. do you still own the house ?

  2. Hi Deb! I’ve followed your story since Sightings. I’m wondering if you knew about the version of your story that was featured last weekend on Destination America’s Haunted Case Files? I’m confused because they say this part of the story happened in 2007 and I thought you had moved long before that. Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me!

    • Hello Yvette,

      I’m not sure of a Destination America story. I will look into it.

      As far as an experience in 2007, they may be referring to our return to the house for an investigation whereas Tony was lifted about 10 inches from the floor and thrown backwards about 4 feet against the master bedroom door. He then slide down the door and was pinned to the floor for serveal minutes while another investigator and I repeatedly spoke “In the name of God release him”. Minutes later he was able to get up and we left as quickly as we could. The result was hundreds of scratches all over Tony’s body.

      And you are correct, we actually moved from the house in 1994.

      Hope this helps clarify the information. I am heading to google to find Destination America footage.


  3. I’m working on my senior paper for high school and decided to do it on The Sallie House. I was wondering if there was any way that I could speak to you and tony privately about your experiences along with the experiences of your investigators. I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Hello Marsha,

      Oh, I am excited for you. We’ve had several individuals contact us in relation to something they are writing or researching on the Sallie House Haunting.

      It’s difficult to get us by phone, we run on very different and busy schedules. Best suggestion would be to write out some questions and email them to Debra@thesalliehouse.com


      • Jennifer Phirese

        Hello Debra ,
        The Buzzfeed Unsolved version of your story talks about Sallie as a demon that infested the house. It also talks about how the nursery lights were often turned on after they were turned off. And also,one night -how you ,Tony and his sister found all the toys arranged in a cult circle back-to-back. Is any of this true? What is the true version of it? And who is the real Sallie if not a demon…? Please do watch the video and the strange happenings of the flashlight turning on and off and is any of that really possible, or was it just a hoax?

        • Hello Jennifer,
          Much of what you wrote in your post is correct. Believe it or not there is a lot of truth to claims of activity in the house no matter how far fetched they may seem. However, I can only validate activity that I or someone who I think has a high level of integrity has witnessed. Here is the story about the stuffed animals in the nursery: Stuffed animals in the nursery

          As far as watching the buzzfeed Unsolved video, there are too many for me to go through. If you want to include a link to one on particular I’d be happy to watch it and reply.

  4. Ok..thanks for the things u make to this website or said.i am a filipino im 17 i didnt even see things like what u see but i only see mythical creatures like i dont know what i see eye to eye with one inch distance with our eye its not a ghost that time im only grade 1…but i really appreciate u.thanks a lot

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