1st Psychic in the Sallie House Part 4

Barbara Connor’s Visit

Part Four


A short time later, we all headed back down the stairs. In a matter of fact sort of way, Barbara said, “She runs up and down the stairs with you” (Without saying anything, I determined the coldness I often felt on my left must have been her energy). Tony was the last to come downstairs, and for some reason quickly turned around and snapped a picture with the 35mm camera he had been following us around with. When developed later, this picture showed a significant and unusual mass on the stairs. I had sent a copy to Barbara several weeks later and she explained that Sallie was obviously standing on the stairs not wanting anyone to come back up. She interpreted the color as protective.


Taken with a 35mm camera


Downstairs and near the end of our visit, Tony left the room to get drinks for everyone. A few minutes later the light in the living room turned off. A moment or two later it came back on and the light in the dining room went off and then back on all by itself. In unison, we all smiled and said, “Thank you Sallie”. When Tony came back into the room with drinks, we told him what had happened. He reported that the lights in the kitchen had done the same thing.

Barbara and her sister left shortly afterwards and our neighbor came over bearing gifts of two dolls that their own children had played with many years prior. We took them upstairs only to find one of the teddy bears lying alone in the middle of the floor. No one had been upstairs since we all came down earlier.


Taken with a 35mm camera


We put the dolls in the designated corner where I had laid a clipboard of paper and crayons earlier. At first glance, nothing seemed out of the ordinary with the yellow paper on which I had written, “Hello Sally, how old are you?” However, a second look made my heart stop beating. What looked like the number “7” and the word “like” was written in a child like manner across the page. Apparently, Sallie liked what had happened that evening and had mustered enough energy to let us know.


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