1st Psychic in the Sallie House Part 2

Barbara Connor’s Visit

Part Two


After going up to the nursery where Barbara determine there was one corner of the room that Sallie spent a lot of time, we decided we would put a box there with items that she could call her own.

At this time, I told Barbara about a pad of paper and crayons I had left for Sally days earlier. This had not been a suggestion by anyone in particular, but simply something I thought might be an enticing way of communication for what we thought was a young spirit. Although Barbara thought it was a good idea, she was reserved in thinking that anything notable would come from it. Then she closed her eyes seemingly concentrating on communication with the little spirit, and said, “she likes the crayons; she’s trying to work it up.” I moved the clipboard of paper and box of crayons to the designated corner.


taken with an instamatic camera


Barbara went on to tell me that this little spirit was warmer to me because I was “the mommy” figure. She further felt that Sallie had suffered somehow by the hand of a man; perhaps her father?

We were also told that Sallie was acting as the baby’s guardian angel; that for some reason she felt compelled to be his protector. In my own mind, I couldn’t help but wonder if Taylor had been born a Sudden Infant Death (SID’s) baby and her constant waking him was simply to her way of reminding him to breath. I think it was that very thought that made my heart go out to this little spirit; I felt sorry for her and thankful to her at the same time. Had she actually been responsible for saving my son’s life, I certainly owed her a great deal.

Barbara also cautioned us to be careful when leaving the baby alone in a swing or such, because in the same way that any other young child might unintentionally harm him through innocent play, she could do the same not realizing how fragile he was. In effect, we were told that we should react to her as if she was a flesh and blood child in our home. In effect, a seven-year-old child had arrived in our home, and although we knew nothing about raising a young child, she was now our responsibility.


taken with an instamatic camera


We were told that Sallie would not likely leave the house, as she felt comfortable and secure with the house and us. When asked why Sallie choose this moment in time, and us, to make her presence know, Barbara suggested it was because something about us made her feel comfortable or secure. She reminded us several times that we needed to be firm with the rules we laid out for her to follow and that if she didn’t follow the rules we would have to punish her. This of course, brought about many questions on just how that would be done.

Barbara’s answer was that we send her to her room, remove a toy from her box, or send or remove her from the house. With my previous thoughts of thankfulness, I didn’t want to just send her away. It was decided that we could give it all a try and make that decision later if need be.

About an hour before Barbara’s arrival, we had a candle mysteriously light itself in the bathroom. My thinking had always been that open flames and roaming cats were not safe, so all the candle in the house had been used only for decoration; none of them had ever been lit. Unsure if the lighted candle was related to the spirit activity, I asked Barbara if lighting fires was something she could do. Her answer was a resounding, “yes”. We were told that she could walk through walls, move things, turn on or off electrical items and more, it all revolved around her energy and how it was used. Again, we were told to be firm and set a rule of no fires in the house.


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