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I started writing this book almost 20 years ago, tediously transcribing my journal notes onto blank pages and unsure how to best present what we went through in order to give readers a more complete understanding. Although initially the project was overwhelming because I had no experience in writing (not even a term paper), I knew in time it had to be done.

The progress of this book was interrupted several writting of the sallie house book 3times over the years, the birth of two more children, career moves, medical needs and more had played a large hand in redirecting my priorities. And each time I put it on the back burner it loomed over me in a foreboding manner beckoning completion.

Blogging as a prelude


During this time, I involved myself with investigations and delving deeper into research the paranormal, all of which in the end, led to writing short articles about our experiences for various websites and even blogging for the Topeka Capital Journal.


I also came to realize how distorted the facts of our haunting had become across the world wide web, which facilitated the birth of TheSallieHouse.com website; a one stop resource dedicated to answers and facts about the case.

The website exploded in size


In a matter of 11 years, the website has grown to hundreds of pages loaded with information and detailed perspectives of not only our experiences but also that of others.

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Over the course of 15 years, and with many who consistently reminded me that they were awaiting a book, I attempted to rededicated myself to writing it 4 times. It ultimately proved to be much more difficult than I ever imagined though, because my desire was to bring to the reader to the cusp of all the feelings and emotions we felt during the events we witnessed.

In doing this, not only did Tony and I have to transport ourselves back to each of the situations that caused us so much fear and anxiety, but re-live it. 

During the months of completing the last chapters and finalize the submission draft for the publisher, many of the emotions we had, living in that house, were reawakened. Anxiety, our memories and emotions had Tony and I arguing daily, which often cascaded into terrible discourse in the house.

We also noticed a certain level of paranormal activity that was unlike what we had endured in the Sallie house; instead, it was more mocking than malicious. Knowing how much this haunting had influenced our lives over the years; we came to understand that the chaos we were experiencing was the direct result of my writing.

The Sallie House book almost didn’t get finished

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Whether it was our inept ability to keep our emotions in check, pressure and expectations from others, or an infusion of negative influences from spirits that did not want our story told, I often fought the urge to quit writing Perhaps it was the publisher’s deadline, the fast pace of their immediate needs, or realizing that I was so close to completion, that kept me focused.


On November 24, 2009 my original manuscript was submitted to Llewellyn Publishers. They had been awaiting it for 6 months. It took approximately another 4 months to do the editing; apparently my sentences were too compound and too long. The publisher also wanted me to cut the content by about 1/3 which was very difficult to do since I really felt all content was needed for a full understanding.

The Sallie House Haunting; a true story, chronicles the 22 months of emotional torment our family lived with, while in that house. Although it took years to accomplish the task, I feel that the timing was justified. Not only did it give me the time to re-evaluate how and what I wanted the reader to walk away with, but I gained the needed writing experience to do it. After All, this was to be my first published work.

Hope and Faith in God’s Protection was needed


It has always been my hope that in sharing the depth of our experiences, people will better understand the paranormal world around them; that there are dangers in the things we cannot see and influences in the things we cannot feel that seek to disrupt the good and the balance in our lives.

Hope and faith in God’s protection to persevere us in that world is paramount and it is only through his guidance that we have remained strong and are able to continue to help others.

Scheduled release date for The Sallie House; a true story was August 1st, 2010. It is available where all fine books are sold and published by  Llewellyn Publishing. You can also get it at Amazon, on our own website and at any event we are attending or presenting. As an added bonus, only books from our website or purchased from us in person include bonus material and are signed by both Tony and myself.

Here’s how to get yours and we hope you enjoy the read.



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After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at Debra@TheSallieHouse.com

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