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This website is no longer supporting a forum due to its low activity

as seen in the last several years.


Thank you for stopping in and sorry, but there is no longer a forum to participate in. Instead we have opened up comments on virtually every page of the website. Select from the menu above or one of the items along the sidebar to read and participate in.

Should you have a comment you are more than welcome to leave a comment at the bottom of any of our page(s). Please keep it clean and friendly, and know that all comments will be monitored.

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About Debra Pickman

After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at


  1. Hello Debra,

    I was a previous forum user long ago. I am watching your episode from A Haunting. Still one of my favorite episodes (Even though A Haunting added in some stuff that wasn’t part of your story)

    The case still interest me to this day. Who did Tony see? Are the entities good, evil, confused? Hope all is well with your life and I hope nothing else spirit wise has bothered you.

    • Hi Steven,

      I think I remember you from the forum. What presented itself to Tony was a little girl. We think that the demon uses human spirits for the purpose of gaining acceptance and an invite. With and invite they are free to wreck havoc. I and many others feel that there are human spirits there but also an evil one. The evil one controls and may even hold spirits from leaving. It’s a twisted place.


  2. after seeing ghost adventures i was turned from a nonbeliever to a believer i think the house should no be use for tours but then again i want to investigate there when i am ready to deal with the negative energy

    • Hi Adiel,

      I really think the house should be burnt down, but then again anything rebuilt there could have the same problems because we think whatever is there is tied to the land.


  3. I understand that you lived at one time in the Sallie House in Atchison Kansas & I am just getting interested in the paranormal field as I watch Ghost Adventures & Ghost Hunters & when it was on Ghost Lab. Would love to learn more about the house as I have former family who live in Atchison, Kansas & never had even known about the house being there or the fact it was hunted.

    • Hi Tina,

      I am slowly getting this site rebuilt so that it is more visitor friendly and still shares all the information that we have on this house, our experiences and that of others.


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