The Sallie House Story; See It’s Strong and Authentic Beginning


Land description of 508 n 2nd st


The Sightings television series contacted us thru Barbara Connor who lived in California. At the time, she was giving lectures on the paranormal at some of the local universities.  Presentations to her audience included several of the pictures we hand been sending her during our continued communication with her, since her visit.

She’s was often approached after her lecture’s, by people who were greatly interested in our case and want more details.  Knowing that Tony and I were very private people, Barbara never gave out pertinent information about us, not even the state of which we lived in.


Sallie makes it into the Universities.


On several occasions she had been approached by the staff of a variety of nationally popular television programs, but had shielded us from them because she knew any involvement with them would most certainly explode into unwanted attention.

However, at one point she realized there was so much interest in our case it might be time to let us know about it.  She spoke to us about the level of interest and also explained about the ramifications should we ever top decided to go public with our story.

A Caution about Going Public


Not only would we be in the public eye and its scrutiny, but on a national level.  She described large trucks full of equipment sitting out in front of our house; lots of cables, cords and people running in and out of our home.  Having lived in our small town of Atchison as a child, she assured us that that level of activity would have many negative social consequences.

She left us with a suggestion that if we went public with our story, we should do it with a smaller network and smaller TV series; it wouldn’t draw nearly as Heim Examins Dollmuch attention.  Barbara’s last words were those of caution.  She said once the door to the media was opened, we would never be able to close it.

Tony was very much against going public because he is a private person and didn’t want to ruin his family’s good name. After much discussion, more like arguing, Tony and I agreed that perhaps we needed some help in gaining a better understanding of what we were dealing with.

I on the other hand, wanted to learn more and felt the experiences that we were having were significant and different from those I had seen on TV or read in books.  I thought the public, more importantly the people in the paranormal field needed to know about our experiences.

Tony and I argued our points for almost a week.

They were very heated !


We eventually came to a compromise of at least talking to someone about our experiences.  We called Barbara and authorized her to give Sightings, one of the smaller TV series, our contact information.  Their response was quick; we had a call from them within 12 hours.

The Sallie House Story

The director explained that there could be no story if Tony and I both wanted to participate anonymously; “people just won’t believe the story, there would be no point in doing it”.  Eventually we agreed that only Tony would remain anonymous, for the sake of protecting his family’s name.

The Sightings TV series crew actually came to the house on 4-5 occasions to investigate base pagewhile we lived there.  They also visited the house the house after we moved out.  A compilation of the Sighting segments can be seen here.

As Barbara told us 20+ years ago, we opened that door and there has been no closing it. Over the years we have been contacted by television producers, investigation teams, Internet Radio programs, curious individuals and one time, even Oprah; we get emails and private messages constantly.

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