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Sightings The Heartland Ghost

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In this Sightings; Heartland Ghost movie a young couple, plagued by a spirit in their house gets help from a documentary styled television series whose staff heads out to Kansas to debunk yet another assumed false claim. Does the headstrong TV director find what he’s looking for?

The same producers that brought us Sightings, base pagebrings us the Heartland Ghost movie which is based on our experiences with the TV show Sightings during 1993-1994. We lived in this now infamous house located at 508 North 2nd Street for almost 2 years, 20 months to be almost exact.

The movie is based on many of the factual events and experiences that Tony and I had and documented in a journal. Many of them were witnessed by others, some were not.

Timeline of Events and Characters


The Sightings; Heartland Ghost movie (AKA the Sallie House movie) although based on our experiences, depicts a few things that are a bit skewed for the public and to bring more eeriness to the story. Namely, that the events took place over a greater amount of time (months vs. weeks), several characters experiences (such as the different psychics, or several Tony’s brother’s) had to be more or less lumped into one character to help keep it at a running length of about 20 minutes, and the back story that was revealed was simply a theory of why we were being haunted.

In reality, and as many already know, the Sightings television series Siteam returned to the house on many occasions while the lived there. Each time they came they brought in one or more individuals from the paranormal field to help determine what we were dealing with and how to handle it. Our favorite was Peter James.  He was quiet a character and visited the house with Sightings while we lived there and again after we left.

peter james

Time with Peter


Peter was a psychic known the world over for the work he had done over the years and his later work on the Queen Mary. He felt “As in life, as in death” Meaning the kind of personality we were in life carried over into death. He kept in touch well after the Sightings series ended, and always signed his correspondence, “Warmly, Peter”

Fact is, at one point, when Tony and I bought our first home in 1996, Tony asked him to walk through our current home to see if he was able to pick up on any spirits. We were both worried about a repeat performances or being caught off guard again.

About the Sallie House movie.


Sightings; Heartland Ghost The film was written by Phil Penningroth and directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. I have to state unequivocally, that the depiction of our experiences to include, details of specific events, the facts and the continuity of the timeline, people involved and the manner, in which the events were otherwise represented in this Sallie House movie, was really well done.

I continually look back in amazement that Phil Penningroth only spent a few hours with us as he jotted down the information we shared with him, but his writing was able to give a much better, more true to the fact, rendition of what we experienced than all the others that would spend days interviewing us.

I personally think this movie was the best representation of our experiences and how they affected us. The only thing that was really missing was the darker side of Tony’s experiences: although they were told, most often they were not incorporated into the final cut of any movie or television presentation until Paranormal Witness.

The only Sallie House movie, Sightings; Heartland Ghost was produced by Paramount Picture, was made for television and was released on Oct 27, 2002. This film is 105 minutes in total.

Here you can own the Sightings; Heartland Ghost movie.

Watch a clip of the movie

The Sightings; Heartland Ghost Movie can be watched at PutLocker

wikipedia on the Heartland Ghost

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