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Discovery Channel; A Haunting

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Tony and I had reserved ourselves from doing any further television appearances after realizing that they usually didn’t come remotely close to revealing the factual representation of our case. With that said our good friend, Todd Bates of Haunted Voices Radio had been contacted by an individual interested in some of the most impressive cases Todd had seen.

Years earlier Todd had investigated the Sallie house and afterwards contacted us, to which we returned to the house with him. It was during this investigation that Tony was viciously attacked. Todd and his entire team was completely unprepared and ultimately shocked by the experience.

Reluctant to Interview


Todd knew how Tony and I felt about the media, but didn’t want to leave us out of the loop, so he contacted us out of courtesy to let us know there was an interview possibility on the table. Knowing how our participation along with Todd’s would help boost his business and website, we agreed to A Hauntingdo the interview.

We negotiated that since it was Todd’s connection to us that allowed the connection to interview us, in lieu of a finder’s fee, he and his website would be included and receive credit within the program.

Filming and interviews were done for Discovery Channel’s, A Haunting TV series was done locally. The Comfort Inn up on the hill in Atchison, Kansas was the site of amazingly long hours of either standing around waiting to be interviewed or sitting in an uncomfortable chair being interviewed.

All this was down in the hotel chain’s conference.

We were not put up at the hotel, or bought meals or had any big outlay of money as many believe. We were never about that. We simply wanted information about our case to get out to those who need it. Whether is was investigators in the field or paranormal investigators, we were all about the integrity of information.

A Haunting TV Series lets us down


After exhaustive hours we looked forward to what we thought was going to be the best televised media representation we had yet seen. After all, we went over just about every possible think we could remember, and had given more information during these interviews than ever before.

A HauntingIn addition, the A Haunting TV series executives had authorized both my sister and Todd’s flights and hotel stay so they could also interview them for details about their experiences.

Sad to say that when the episode aired, neither the facts or the timeline of events were represented correctly. To top it off our friend Todd was never seen in the episode. We were disgruntled to say the least. Todd was used, and we were lied to from the beginning. Dirty pool I say!

We have never before, or since, had a more unappealing experience with the media!


Informative Link on the Show:

Discovery Channel’s A Haunting; Sallie’s House – an overview of the movie noting air date, cast, plot summary and more.

NOTE: REGRETFULLY THESE LINKS HAVE BEEN REMOVED AND ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE – I do not know the reason for this, but will keep these links in place just incase they become available again.

YouTube Link:

YouTube broadcasts of Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5


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