The Ligget Family

This family lived in the house for a few years before 2004. They were the last family to occupy the house (as of January 2017)

It’s known that Mrs. Ligget lived in the house and her daughter, her husband and their children live the house for some time.

Mrs. Ligget, was a  nurse working at the Medicalodge of Atchison at the time. When contacted by The Travel Channel about haunted locations, she agreed to let the staff film in the house and interview her. The Pickmans had been invited to join the team and the interview at the house.

At some point just before the interview, Mrs. Ligget refused to let anyone in the house if Debra Pickman was going to be present. Both Tony and Debra conceded and they were interviewed in their own home instead.

When the film crew and psychic arrived at the Ligget home, they were only allowed into the front room of the house. A couch had been place across the large opening between the living and dining rooms and Mrs. Ligget stood in the opened are that the couch didn’t block off refusing passage.

The film crew and the Psychic reported that Mrs. Ligget repeatedly denied any paranormal activity in the house.

The psychic asked about witchcraft in the home. Mrs. Ligget denied this

The psychic asked about the pentagram in the basement and asked if she could go to the basement. Mrs. Ligget denied this and quickly jumped in front of the psychic who was aiming to pass her and gain access to the rest of the house.

The film crew left with very little film or information for their effort and time.

During a surprise visit by the homeowner, Les Smith, for maintenance, he discovered a large pentagram on the basement floor, an altar of some sort, a large black kettle of sorts, a black robe and other disturbing items.

Mrs. Ligget was asked to leave the property immediately, to which the items found in the basement were put out for trash collection. Mr. Smith also noted that the carpets smelled like urine and he was forced to rip up all carpet in the house (upstairs and downstairs and replace it with new carpet.

In 2005, at a funeral Mrs. Ligget refused to speak to Debra in regards to her presence during the Travel Channels visit.

Some years later Tony and Debra Pickman’s children unknowingly became friends with Mrs. Ligget’s grandchildren. At one point, Debra spoke with the children’s mother who, with her husband and children had lived in the house while her mother rented the house at 508 N 2nd street.

It was a rather awkward conversation, but Debra was told that they most certainly did have activity  at the house while they were there. The daughter recounted a night when  she was sleeping on the floor in the living room.

She said she woke in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortable and turned over to see, what she describe as a grotesque and gaunt dead looking individual not only laying next to her, but staring at her.

Although Debra and the daughter planned to speak more about the experience the daughter had in the house, the two never spoke again.

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