Spirits and Voices Within the Walls of the Sallie House

Compiled by Renae Leiker 3/06


Compiled via analyzing EVP and the spirit interactions and communications captured during recordings. Furthermore, the various voices have been consistent during each verbal occurrence no matter what date it was captured. Some of the names on the list have not been heard but have been mentioned and referred to in EVP on many occasions. We thought they were worth mentioning.


Agnes Finney – only daughter of Kate and M C Finney lived in and owned the house longer than anyone to date.


Brandon – dominant adult male- can be a bit testy at times but he also has a sense of humor and likes the kids.  Many of the pranks he does to people are done to make the children laugh.


Charles Finney – He has an older sounding voice and it sounds a bit feminine.  Charles would dress as a female to enter into skate competitions.  I suspect that when psychics pick up on his “alternative life style” or “eccentric life” this might just be what they are referring to.  Charles Finney ran for and won the position of Mayor which he had to step down from when it was discovered he was supplying the Eagles club with alcohol.


Edith – She is one of those people that everyone can relate to and everyone seems to love her.  Edith is senile and will not answer her name.  Can’t depend on Edith for much of anything she is just there.


Ethel –  a former owner of the house.


Frank Jr. – Frank died in Kansas City Sept. 23 1906 at the hands of his mother when she turned on the gas in the room they slept.  Frank often says he is in the circle.  We think they have the children sit in a circle in the upstairs bedroom at times to keep them together and structured.  Far as I can tell little Paul can never sit still that long so he is the exception.


Frank Sr. –  Never really hear much from him in the house.  Not sure how often he is around but there have been times when Joanna shows up at our investigations at other locations.  Frank is the one that will smooth things over when Joanna gets everything blown out of context.  He loves her but just can’t be with her for long periods of time.


Joanna Barnes – born 1862, dominant female in the house-She bought and lived in the house next door until 1906.  When she moved she sold the house back to the Finney family.  When living in the house Debra and Tony had a woman come in that tried to cleanse the house from spirit activity.  An audio tape was recorded while this woman was at the house.

I have reviewed this tape and feel very certain Joanna is the woman Tony had so many problems with while living there.  Joanna was committed to the Topeka State hospital at least twice.  After selling the house on N 2nd street she moved to Kansas City after remarrying Frank Sr.  Just about six short months after moving from Atchison, Frank Jr. dies after Joanna leaves the gas on in the room she and Frank jr. were sleeping in. Joanna has some problems, but she also has some very likeable characteristics.


James Finney –  Just a regular kind of guy and brother to Charles Finney.  Built the house next door and sold it to Joanna Barnes.


Mary –  Both MC Finney and Kate Kathrens mothers were named Mary.


MC Finney – He and his wife Kate built this house and he died a very short time later in the house.


Paul – Paul was a young slave boy.  I once heard him tell someone he was lynched.  I suspect very strongly that he might just be the one that sets fires.  There have been hints of this along the way but so far they will not come right out and blame him for this.

Paul is a live wire and hard to keep up with.  He loves attention and will often show off for you when I ask him to.  He is often with Joanna but if not there is always an adult with him or very near by.  Paul and the word hyperactive have known each other a long time.  One describes the other perfectly.


Ruben Smith – owned the land before the Finney’s bought the land.


Ryan – related to Sallie and I would say he is between 15-22 years old. He really never says much but I did catch that he had a slight accent and this is why we finally asked if they were related.


Sallie –  I believe at this time her last name is Mathews.  We have been unable to confirm this.  I have heard her say daddy so I assume her dad is there.  She is also related to Ryan.  Sallie has either a Scottish or English accent and so does Ryan.

I believe that because Sallie has what she feels is family members at the house she didn’t move with the Pickman’s when they moved from the house.  Sallie was fond of the Pickman’s both Tony and Debra and she WOULD NOT have caused trouble for this couple.  She is simply a sweet little girl.


Tom Byrnes – (pronounced Burns) there are two Tom’s with the same last name.  Thomas Bernard Byrne born Jan. 2, 1885, in Atchison, Mr. Byrne was a son of the late George and Mary Byrne.  He worked many years as a trainman for the Missouri Pacific and later entered the specialty salesman field.  He traveled mostly in Kansas.  This guy has been seen in his train uniform and has been mistaken for a civil war soldier by some who have seen him.
The other Tom, Thomas V. Byrne the first died in 1959.  He happened to live in the 500 block of 3rd Street for many years in a house he and his wife built there.  He operated a drug store here for 30 years and then went into the insurance business here.  He didn’t live at this address at the time of his death.

Both Byrne guys were catholic and both funerals at St. Benedict’s and both buried Mt. Calvary. Thos. V. was a long time member of the Elks club.   The connection?  Dr. Finney was the doctor for the railroad and as a doctor would probably have known the owner of the drug store well.  One Tom probably went to him as the company doctor and the other would have known him through business.


Wanda –  Really don’t know for sure where she fits in or why she is there.  I don’t recall very much interaction between Joanna and Wanda but she is there and will answer if you talk to her by name.


UPDATE  11/2008:

In recent years and through the investigation efforts of others and our own team, it has been seriously theorized that many of the voices heard in EVP have been presented as human spirit, but to which we believe are being manipulated or used to do the bidding of a dark and malevolent spirit or demon.

This is hard to prove without considering all the evidence of which is difficult, if not impossible, to present within this website. Please heed all warnings and consider this possibility when analyzing and reacting to any EVP obtained from this location.

About Debra Pickman

After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at Debra@TheSallieHouse.com


  1. Hi Debra,

    You said Frank Jr. often says he is “in the circle.” I am curious if you’ve ever looked into it having anything to do with “the Big Circle,” which is a group of Spirits from the other side that communicate with their loved ones. Martha Copeland’s daughter, Cathy, coined the phrase years ago. You probably already know about it, but it was interesting to see “circle” referenced on 2 different websites regarding Spirit communication.

    I hope you and your family are doing well these days. 🙂

    • Hi Kathy,

      I had never heard of that phase in such context and therefore never looked into it.Tony actually had a dream one night about Joanna Barnes and the children within the house (we’re talking about the spirits obviously) sitting in a circle around a stone that had a drawing onit. This is what was referenced as their circle of protection in the dream.
      Now whether this was a game that was played with the children in a way to calm them or whether it was some sort of an ritual protection, we are unsure. With your reference to “the big circle”, it opens up another possibility for why up they would set in a circle. I have a drawing somewhere that Tony true of the circle. I will have to look for it and see if I can get it up on the site soon.
      Thanks for sharing.
      ~ Debra

  2. Hallo everyone,
    Just last night I’ve been watching tv and here in France they tald your story. Oh my God I was so scared as I was watching!!! I had to make a little prayer before going to sleep.
    And all of this remind me some paranormal things that hapened in my parents flat. Ever since I was little in our home we could hear a knocking on the wall. Wich also changed places- once it was in the bathroom, once in my room, it went even to our residential house about 80 km away. When we tryed to speak to it, it stoped knocking and a bit after it restarted. We never knew what was it.
    Once my sister saw an old women all dressed in black to sit on her bed while she was sleeping. The neighbour passed away same night.
    My mother have a medium dreams with her death cousin, grandmother and mother-in-law who gives her informations about things that will hapens.
    I have very bad dreams, sometimes there are deamons who are trying to capture me. Every time I go visit my parents I see shadows at night, I feel someone sits on my bed even my cat stears at something. Once I woked up because all my bed was trambeling. I remember dreaming of a shadows who held my bad and push it hard.
    Usually when things like that happens I go to church and pray. But I have never had any idea what is happening and why?
    Now as I’ m living with my boyfriend we moved into his father’ s flat. His dad passed away few months ago. And honestly I feel that he is still there, he protect us. But it is still scary…
    Any information or tip will be very helpfull.
    Thank you about your time and sorry for my english :/


    • Hi Maya.

      First of all I want to thank you for sharing what must be a very personal story. Do not worry about your English! I think I understood completely what you are telling me.

      Seems you have been through a lot. Since your mother is able to communicate with spirit, it is very likely that yuo too have that ability. You have an inner voice, call it intuition, that will guide you. If you feel negative with a spirit I would avoid contact and work to remove it. In the case of your boyfriend’s father, you might want to ask your boyfriend more about his dad so you understand him better/understand the reason for the scary feeling you get. (It may be he doesn’t like you in his flat, maybe you guys sold something of his, maybe he is simply not fond of your relationship with his son. The negative energy you pick up from him could stem from anything)

      Spirits can pick up on this. To them its like a beacon guiding them to those that can sense them. This ability can be a blessing or a curse. A blessing because you can help spirits with closure and move them on. Some say a curse because you may feel you have very little control over it; when they communicate, how they communicate etc. I would consider someone reputable who might be able to guide or mentor you in this.

      I hope some of this has helped. You can reply or email me, I would be happy to continue helping if I can.


  3. I was needing your advice! Ok, strange things have been happening to me the past 2 and a half months. Some of which u and ur husband experience just not quite as bad yet. I have a 6 yr old son and a 4 month old daughter and 3 nights ago my son woke up with a scratch all down his leg. And he said that he had a dream that a big man or dog was chasing him and scratched him. I’m worried for my kids, I’m a single mom.I have also been experience these dreams, and I’m woke up every night with whispering I’m my ear and it is like jibberish something I don’t understand but that is every night!!!. I’m at a loss of what to do. I have NEVER been a believer in anything paranormal but I would love your advice on what You think I could or should do.

    • Hi tracy,

      I feel for you, when your kids are involved it really hits your emotions hard.

      Koshure salt under the head of each child’s bed and your own should help to absorb any negetive energy.

      Additionally I would say a protection prayer morning and night, if not multiple times each day.Say it out loud and mean it. Believe in the words you speak. Do not accept that you are helpless. You must know that God gives you inner strength. Find that and speak with conviction.

      Try one of the the following:

      “Lord, I cover myself and everyone around me with the blood of Jesus. I cover all of the members of my family (call them by name) with the blood of Jesus. I cover my home, my land, my job/business , my computer, my car, my finances, my marriage, my ministry, with the blood of Jesus.”

      “Father God, please send your Holy Angels to stand guard over me today /tonight. I pray that they will minister to me and remind me of your healing power. Lord please keep me safe from the evil one and strengthen me against all temptations that may come my way. Thank You Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen.”

      “Satan, the blood of Jesus is against you and you have no authority over my life. NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME (OR MY FAMILY) SHALL PROSPER!”

      Please feel free to email me privately or message me via Facebook

      • Thank you for the protection prayers! My son and I have been saying them at least 3 times a day. I’ve also thought about setting 2 audio recorder in my room(and my daughters) and then one in my sons room. Quite honestly I was scared to even do that bc I’m afraid of the outcome. I feel like if anything does happen it will just make this so real, but I would have proof in the plus side. I’m not sure if that was a good idea or not. I just figured I might be able to at least find out what it wants and since I can’t ever really know or understand what it is saying, I though I might have more luck if I could rewind it and listen to it over and over. Please let me know if you do think it was a good idea or a bad idea!!?? I really appreciate the protection prayers and I will email you and let you know what my results of the audio recorder are, tonight will be the first night if it! thank you,again!!

        • Hi Tracy,

          If you fear the outcome, an many who have recorded in their own home have, I would suggest getting a reputable group to come to the house to do that for you. You don’t always need to hear them to know that what you and your family are going thru is real or justified. If they are making you uncomfortable they are not good and simply need to go. You don’t need to know “what they want”. They want your permission to do more in your home.

          They are manipulative and can sway you and your thoughts, by vocalizing “help me” on a recording. They want you to back off saying prayers that call on God for his protection, because that is what holds them at bay. Hearing and EVP that begs for help might make you more open to them, which is just what they want; your invitation to come into your life even more to wreck havoc.


          • I was wondering if you could email me? I’ve been trying to email you for days now and something always interferes. I’m goin to continue to try to email you but I have to do everything from my phone and that makes it harder. I really hope to hear from you bc I have a lot to tell you and ask you… Thanks

          • Hi Tracy,

            Although I did edit your email out of this public post. I did email you a week ago and haven’t heard anything from you.


  4. Hi,

    I was wondering what demon names have you gotten from the house, if any? And was the last time tiny was assaulted when it burnt his neck? That was brutal and so scary! I really have some other questions I would like to ask you, do you have an email or a preferred method? Thanks very much!

    • Hi Tracy,
      The last time Tony and I went into the house was with the Ghost Adventure guys and yes, that is when his neck was burned.

      You can feel free to ask you questions here in the comments. I’m sure other have the same questions and would be interested in the answers. However if for some reason you do not feel comfortable with that, you can email me at Debra@theSallieHouse.com


  5. Hello, I am sorry you had to experience this . I wanted to know if anyone else tried to live there after you and your family. And also do you or your husband still see things ? Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Jessica,

      Once in a while we do still experience things in our home, but not nearly as bad or as often. And yes there was a family that moved into the house after us. It is reported by their children (grown now) that they did have acivity while living there.

      Thank you for your comment

  6. I have a question, in Paranormal Witness “Sallie” was a demonic girl with wings right? Sure the show might’ve changed details but Tony was attacked by a demon who was posing as a little girl. Was it just posing as Sallie (can ghosts/demons pose or turn into another ghost/demon?) or were you under the same effect that blinded Tony’s wife until she discovered a Sallie never died at the house?

    Sounds like it, but who knows? Paranormal Witness is a nice show (even tho the characters act stupid I still can’t believe the physic told them to treat a ghost like any other child, has she ever encountered a demon before?) but…Idk how much really happen or not but if Tony did saw a black mass turning into a winged female demonic that attacked him…where is it now and “who” is it if not Sallie?

    I feel sorry that Sallie’s name is shared with a demon if it indeed was never her who attacked anyone, maybe when doing a new EVP you could ask them “who attacked Tony and why” as I do wanna know who that demon was.

    • Hi Cody,

      Just for your reference, I am Tony’s wife. Yes, demon’s can change how they present themselves, how they are perceived and manipulate dreams, thoughts etc. They are very smart and cunning.

      The first psychic did not see this as a demon, nor did the wprd renowned psychic Peter James. Demons can hide very well even behind human spirit beings. The first psychic did tell ue that we could get rid of “little Sallie” or treat her like we would any other child.

      We think that what originally presented as Sallie, and wasn’t accepted by Tony, then presented an image similar to me. When that didn’t sucker him in, it presented as the older female. It was all to gain control over us and our home. Eventually it started to attempt possession of him through is dreams and thoughts.

      As far as knowing “who and why” we have tried everything to get answers. We are only misled. After Tony’s last bruttal atteck in the house on 8-17-2007, we have not been backuntil we went in with the Ghost Adventurers team this past year


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