Sightings Heartland Ghost Episode 42


Episode #42  Sightings first visit to the Sallie House

The Pickmans first encounter with a television crew. We didn’t know what to expect. I was arranged that Tony would remain anonymous because of the expected backlash of rumors and ridicule we expected towards us and members of Tony’s very large family residing in town.

Highlights from the two days of filming for this episode


  • Tony was scratched several times
  • They brought in the first Psychic we worked with, Barbara Connor
  • Localized fires were present
  • Electrical energy was felt by all members on the television crew
  • A very cold energy pole in the living room was felt by team members
  • A scratch forming on Tony’s torso was film for more than 13 minutes with several witnesses.
  • The scratch from hours prior begins to bleed to bleed again under a magnifying glass of Howard Heim

barbara and howard

When the Sightings crew left, Tony and I were emotionally drained and happy that it was all over and we could go back to regular life. We continued to witness some level of activity in our house.


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About Debra Pickman

After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at

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