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Sallie Isabel Hall

This individual is included, not because she was connected with the house, occupants or any part of the haunting, but because she has been linked by preliminary research and a few early investigators who feel that she was the Sallie who haunted the house.

To date there is no historical documentation or evidence to support this theory.

The only references we have to Sallie does not seem to coincide with this spirit being that of a little 7 years old girl, or and Sallie having died and being connected to the house. The following is what we know:

Although Sallie that was identified by Sightings and others as Sallie Isabel Hall who died in 1905, the historical records on this individual show that she was not a little white girl. Mrs. Sallie Hall was a black woman who had been married for sixteen years, and during that time she gave birth to fourteen children.

Only two of her children outlived their mother, and a third child, Claudine, lived only two months past her mother’s death. Claudine shares her mother’s grave and the grave remains unmarked.


The following is the obituary for Sallie Isabel Hall collected from the Atchison Daily Globe:

February 23, 1905

Sallie I. Hall, colored, wife of Will Hall, who works at the Wolters brick yard, died this morning and the funeral will occur Sunday at 2 pm, from the Sixth street Baptist church.

Mrs. Hall was only thirty-four years of age, but had given birth to fourteen children within the past sixteen years.  All had died at birth but three girls and a boy, who survive their mother.  The oldest is sixteen and the youngest is two.  A baby was born a week ago.

Think of the suffering, think of the tragedy crowded into one brief life!  Every year there has been a birth and a death at the house, and this year there have been four deaths:  an uncle at Christmas, a sister of Will Hall a few weeks ago, the baby a week ago, and now the mother.

The family lives in the alley east of second street and adjoining Mound.


NOTE: This really doesn’t seem like the “Sallie” that Tony saw or sketched. At this point it means that we cannot find any historical information on a Sallie connected to the house.


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