Sallie House is it Demonic or Not?

Written by Debra Pickman 9-06′


Fires, scratches, knockings and rapping’s in the walls, disembodied voices, sulfuric smells and more have all been linked to the forces of the dark side and even demonic possession. Many of these occurrences have been the benchmark of theories plaguing this haunting.

Many have come up with this theory and

have never stepped foot inside the front door

Although many of these occurrences are attributed to this haunting, we feel that they must be looked at within the context of the experiences to draw a solid conclusion. Many have come up with this theory and have never stepped foot inside the front door.

They draw their facts second-hand from what they have read or seen on television. I’m sure we all know how second hand information can skew the factual experiences, and how movies and such can take creative liberties to get better ratings. The facts presented, however, are often misleading or taken out of context.

Some witness very limited activity but call the location demonic


There are also individuals who have experienced limited activity in the house but have felt compelled to call this haunting demonic. Jerry Talbert, co-founder of The Kansas Paranormal Group was one such individual. Though through KPG’s continued investigations and research of the house his views have changed. He has a better understanding of the history, the occupants and the nature of the haunting and much of this can be found on the investigation pages within this site.

Then there is Tony Pickman, who lived in the house for almost two years and during that time felt strongly and admirably defended his feeling that his experiences were demonic in nature. The fact that Tony had never believed in the paranormal but only in what he was taught in his catholic upbringing simply would not leave room for any other explanation.

* photo  dragon_curtesy_by_skyrion


Avoidance for almost for ten years

For almost ten years he stayed away from the house that had terrified him so. It wasn’t until KPG presented him with clear EVP and historical reference that showed that there may have been another force responsible for the negative experience he had.

It was verified that there was a strong female presence in the house and that this individual, while alive, was not a sane person. In fact she had not only killed her young son, but she had been committed to an institution several times throughout her lifetime.

As her history unfolds, it becomes quite clear that she is a driving force within the house and that she could have used Tony’s fear in the presence of unearthly demons to strengthen her hold on his emotions.

Second Guessing

It must be said that he has not totally let go of his feeling that there are/were demonic activities; however, his viewpoint has changed some. After visiting with KPG and giving merit to their research, Tony has returned to the house on several occasions with a new power. The power was the knowledge that what happened to him years ago may have been the result of a confused and often unstable human spirit.

spiritual warefareTony has now been in the house about a half a dozen times with KPG. The first time he entered and was mildly attacked twice (more details of each of the investigations can be found on the investigation pages). Each successive visit to the house has been even less eventful. In fact the last three times he has entered the house, he has done so without being attacked at all. Is this simply manipulation? 

So what does this prove?

Have the demonic forces that were supposedly reported left? Are these forces laying in wait? Did Tony’s new found power of perhaps understanding the situation better give him a stronger emotion base and fortitude to ward off the attacks? Was the, so called, demonic presence ever really there in the first place?

I myself, and those of KPG along with other individuals feel that the strong emotional feelings Tony felt when he lived in the house may have been a catalysts for much of the activity he experienced. And each occurrence and attack upon him made it that much harder for him to see it as anything else.

So, does the fact that Tony is now able to enter the house and remain on-site for 6-8 hours at a time without being attacked shed new light on whether the presence in the house is, or ever was, demonic? Are we being set up for an ambush?


About Debra Pickman

After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at


  1. Hello can someone help me please my youngest child is 6years old now and see was seeing weird stuff for a while she was seeing n girl and told me that there is someone in the house she even hold her hands up wards it look like she wanted the persoon the pick her up but there was no one we couldnt sleep for weeks because she was scared in night so we had a priest come and work with her they told me that the house wasnt right and they cast the demon who was busy taking over my child out of her from that day she was better. So we moved out of that house and into my mothers house and living with her now. Now my daughter of 6 is again seeing a man and a girl in the house she allso say everyday that the house is skew and the things on the wall is skew but for me and my mother and the others the house isnt skew and allso the things on the wall isnt skew but she keeps on telling us that in fact it is skew and she say that we must move and that the devil is dum she cant sleep at night this is going on for almost 2weeks non stop i must keep the light and tv in our room on and the bathroom light on and wait for her to sleep before i can sleep. It is getting worst even in day time she doesnt want to go to the bathroom alone or the other rooms if she goes to the bathroom she keeps the door open she gets very scared if the door is close a bit and keeps saying that the house is skew but it is not skew. Please help me is it a sign that n demon is trying his luck again

    • Hello Michelle,

      I am so sorry that you and your family are going through these experiences. Years ago our youngest son was experiencing similar things. Hated to go upstairs, to the bathroom or his bedroom because of the dark energy, things he saw and thing he heard and felt. This went on for months as we tried to comfort him. At one point we told him that he wwa s child of God and that he was protected by God’s angels. We told him that if he came accross an entity that scared him , he was to tell it the same thing we told him. We also told him that he could tell the entity to leave him alone and to leave the house; “In the name of God and Jesus Christ I demand that you leave me and my family alone and leave this house immediately.

      He did as we instructed and things started to get better. We spoke to him about his efforts and level of experience and eventually the trouble stopped completely.

      Perhaps this is something you can help your child accomplish as well.

      Feel free to email me if trouble persists and I can see what more I can do.

      Blessings and prayers for you and your family to be protected from evil by the gentle and loving hand of God.

    • Hi michelle.
      Hannah and Aofie, Katie here. We are sorry to hear about your sons experiences. it can be terrifying for a young chlid to be experiencing these paranormal entities at such a young age. also sorry to hear that your house is skew? however we can sort this out girllll! throwing salt around your house will help the paranormal entities to feel un welcomed. or even doing an ouijia board and asking the presence what do they want or need, this helps. the entities might be just harmful to your little son so the Ouija board will define that for you! I recommend praying daily. try going toilet with light off so they know you aint sacred anymore. girl I know how u are feeling and also avoid the colour black. only wear yellow that signifies the sun and peace.. remember throw ur phone out the window they hate them bye girl happy hunting hope this helps

  2. Shannon Clayton

    Hi Debra,

    First off as a personal hobby I like to study photos taken at haunted locations. In the pictures you and Tony took in the nursery there is a face of a very very powerful demon. Demons can manifest as a cute little girl because they want to gain your trust. Honestly I think the demon was after yours and Tony’s child y’all had together. Please go back and look at the photos you will see the demon. If you need my assistance please email me back. I’m glad everyone made it out safe. God bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

    • Thank you Shannon for your insight. I felt that the demon was after my husband and at some times since we left that house, I’ve seen it rear it’s ugly head. Fortunately we are all out of the house. Our son born in that house has thrived well and just graduated with a Masters degree from the local university.

      I know when we investigated on July 17th 2008 we caught a photo of a demon in the room that Tony was in. I hope to soon have those and all other photos available here on the website so others can see them.

      All is well and thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


  3. Hi, Debra:
    I’ve seen your story on A Haunting, but the Paranormal Witness episode is the scariest.
    I wanted to offer a suggestion to you that I came across in a book entitled “Hostage to the Devil” by Malachi Martin. One of the victims being harassed by a “familiar” was instructed to say the name of Jesus out loud when the familiar appeared, or if he couldn’t speak the name of Jesus (the “familar” is a low-level demon, subordinate to a much more powerful entity, basically doing its bidding, sometimes by affecting the possessed’s speech) to spell J-E-S-U-S out loud. Demons are not affected by calling on God at all or even by praying to God, but Jesus, Who is God incarnate and Who vanquished satan at the cross, and Who will send it and its demons to eternal damnation, this Person of God is Whom they absolutely fear.
    I guarantee if you and your family turn to Jesus Christ in your prayers and call on His name, the residual harassment you experience will cease.
    Jesus Christ is alive and I encourage you to speak to Him daily, not using prayer to Him as a talisman against demons, but in a sincere and earnest desire to know Him personally. Give it a try.
    Thanks for your story. Tony is one brave and very wonderful man!

    • Hello Tina,

      With all due respect I appreciate your suggestions to put our sincere and earnest faith in Jesus. I can attest to the fact that it was due to Jesus and the angels above that we were released safely from that house and continue to live in relative peace. We do actually pray daily as a testament to our own strength begotten from Jesus Christ and the Father above.

      I have personally seen his divine intervention in protecting me against the evil entities. Had I not, I would not have the belief that I do to this day. I want to let you know that our whole family has a solid relationship with the heavenly spirits and know that our strength to do battle with evil is derived from that relationship.

      Blessing to you and your family for a wonderful day.


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