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Are you interested in the investigations that have been done at the Sallie House over the years? if so, you have come to the right place. The have been so many investigation done that it can be a little confusing. This page will help resolve that.

It’s divided into groups, The Pickmans Experiences, Sightings, Kansas Paranormal (KPG) and Other Investigations.


The Pickman Experiences

The Pickman Experiences entail a chronological set of specific events and experiences that Tony and Debra had while living in the house I describes in some detail certain experiences. If photos are available they will also be presented for your viewing as a pop up. this way you can continue with the written details and see the photos that pertain to a certain experience or event.

While the Pickmans lived in the house, the television group Sightings, investigated the house on 4 occasions. These are chronicalized in their televised segments named “The Heartland Ghost” episodes. Each time the crew investigated more events would occur and almost everyone on their staff bore witness to or experienced something they couldn’t explain.


Sightings Television Show

After the Pickmans moved from the house the Sighting crew came back, not only with equipment to analyse the environment but also to investigate whether or not there was still a presence in the house. There was also a filming of the first ever live event at the house whereas the crew and their guests opened up a live chat to enable viewers to know about things as they happened.


Kansas Paranormal Group (KPG)

Kansas Paranormal Group is a group based on the outskirts of Kansas City. There members come from the Topeka area and they investigated the house independently of the Pickmans for several months. Their analysis proved that there was in fact activity in the house well after the Pickmans left.

Further evidence suggested interactive human spirits existed and that there evidence also suggested another more malevolent spirit. KPG reached out to the Pickmans to investigate with them. Debra and Tony took part in many of their later investigations. At first Tony stayed only for an hour or so; not wanting to push his luck. Eventually, he was able to stay for several hours and into the wee hours of the morning and was not attacked or affect in any way.


The Other Investigations

Last is the Grouping of “Other Investigations”. These are the investigations that were made know or available to the Pickmans for inclusion in this website. Early on it was easy to be aware of groups or individuals going into the Sallie House. As of late it is not that easy. People used to let us know when they were going into the house; this is a rare event now, so it’s not something that we can readily keep up with.

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