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Matrixing and Analyzing Evidence

Written by Debra Pickman September. 2012

Are you confused by the term “matrixing”? Do you want to better understand how to look at your own photos when determining the possibility that they are paranormal. Then check out this article.


Review the Sallie House “Movie”

Written by Debra Pickman August. 2012

This has been promoted on the internet and other places as a “movie”, but what’s the real scoop on this DVD?


To challenge the spirit or not

Written by Debra Pickman August 2010

Poses the question of challenging during an investigation, the reasons people do and why we shouldn’t.


The Sallie House Haunting: Physical Manifestations of Non-Physical Forces

Written by Debra Pickman September 2010

An interesting perspectve on the experiences had while living in the Sallie house and the aftermath of finding answers and how it has shaped our lives since.


Sallie House; Demonic or Not?

Written by Debra Pickman

Fires, scratches, knockings and rappings in the walls, disembodied voices, sulfuric smells and more have all been linked to forces of the dark side and even demonic possession. In fact some feel strongly that many of the experiences plaguing this house, showcase demonic activity.

There have been many theories and claims concerning these very benchmarks. This link will take you through this theory and perhaps give you another point of view.


Attachments; what are they and what do they do? 

Written by Debra Pickman posted March 10′

Attachments, malicious or not, are a force to be reckoned with and this informative article will help you through it.


A Sallie Experience; an investigator’s true story 

Written by Susanne of S&G Paranormal, posted April 09′

Going to the Sallie house to investigate and get first hand experience was the goal, what happened next was completely unexpected.


Ghostbusted: Tongie teens plead guity 

Written by May Meyers and posted in the Atchison Globe newspaper on  November 15, 2008

With the idea of maybe getting a closer view and perhaps a few experiences of thir own, two 19-year olds break into the Sallie house on Halloween.


Sallie House; Demonic Forces no Longer an Option but Realized

Written by Debra Pickman 10-08′

Although for years we have stood by our personal feelings and presented our evidence to solidify the idea that there was not a demonic force in this house, we have been forced to re-evaluate each experience and piece of evidence. In doing so we were ultimately made aware that the possibility for a demonic influence was a very real possibility. We now believe we were very wrong in our initial assessment of the haunt.


Basics of a Paranormal Investigation

Written by Debra Pickman 8-08′

Are you curious about the basics of what it takes to do a paranormal investigation? Want to start your own group but just don’t know enough about how to prepare? Is your group struggling to gain the professional respect it deserves? This article will help guide you through these questions, basic protocols and the reasons for them.


Dissecting Falsehoods

Written by Debra Pickman 5-08′

A clarification article to correct misleading and misrepresented information published and elsewhere on the internet.


Dirty Laundry

Written by Debra Pickman 4-08′

Although this was never meant to be made public,the information contined here may answer some quetions about the struggles this website and its co-founders have had and continue to have.


Evidence Stealing, and Ethics

Written by Debra Pickman 4-08′

A defensive article written in light of accusations elsewhere on the internet. It also deals with the heated topic of someone taking evidence from this website without permission, and even worse, claiming it as their own .


How Media Represents Hauntings and How it is Percieved by Viewers

Written by Debra Pickman 7-06′

When a noted haunting makes it into the public eye, those that lived the experience are often approached by a multitude of media groups that want to tell “your” story. At least that is what they claim. That may well be their intentions, but some how, by the time it makes it to your television set, the facts have been so badly distorted it is not only embarrassing to those who experienced the activity, but presents much less than factual information to those who often need or rely on it the most. This article takes a closer look at why and how this happens.


EVP History and More

Compiled by Debra Pickman

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is the result of recording disembodied voices. There are many theories on how these are manifested and the EVP itself is considered by many to be proof of spirit voices and communication. This link will provide the reader with a short history on EVP and a classification system that is widely used in the world of paranormal investigations.


Spirits and Voices Within the Walls

Compiled by Renae Lieker

Have a name you’ve picked up in the house? Heard consistant and recurrant voices? Compare them to what Renae and her multiple visits to the house have collected. Here is a list of who she feels has been encountyered in the house.


A Basic Self-Investigation

Written by Debra Pickman 1-08

Are you having strange unexplainable activity in your home and wonder if it is paranormal? Are you unsure about calling in an outside investigation team to determine if your home is haunted? Are you curious about doing a self-investigation?If so, you may find this article helpful.


Submitting Your Own Evidence

All evidence submission are welcome and we look forward to hearing from you. This page will give you information and guidelines to keep in mind when making your submissions.


A Comprehensive list of Equipment used in Paranormal Investigating

Compiled byDebra Pickman

A useful list of equipment commonly used in the field of paranormal investigations, complemented by a short description of how each item is used and why. If you find that there is something missing from this list, please let us know so we can add it.


The City of Atchison

Compiled by Debra Pickman

Take a few minutes to l earn a bit about the state of Kansas along with the history of Atchison itself.


History of the Occupants

Compiled by Jennifer Talbert

This page offers a brief history of the people who have physically lived in the Sallie House.




The Floor Plans to the Sallie House

rendered by Debra Pickman 9/15

3 comprehensive renderings of the 1st and 2nd floor of the Sallie House and well as the basement


History of the Sallie House Property

Compiled by Jennifer Talbert

This outline is presented in timeline fashion and covers some of the historical references concerning the property at 508 N. 2nd Street.

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