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The Sallie House Haunting a  True Story
by Debra Pickman

( Five Stars)  Not Your Ordinary Haunted House!Lit Fest Magazine

In the tiny hamlet of Atchison, Kansas, there exists a quaint two-story post-Civil War home containing a sad but incredible horror.  A tiny spirit by the name of “Sallie.”  A man-hating ghost who only seeks the attention of others, like any child amongst the living might want.  However, this ghost, unlike those of fiction or hype, is incredibly real.  Her powers are quite destructive, and her attacks have been known to spill a little blood.

Debra Lyn Pickman brings all of these details and more to life in her incredible book “The Sallie House Haunting: A True Story.”

The details in this story are incredible, and follow a family trying their best to understand, and later accept, the impossible.  What would any of us do, if a family member started to claim that a destructive force, within our home, was slowly assaulting them?

Known to most of America as “The Heartland Haunting” from the Fox-TV series Sightings, the “Sallie House” story is one of tragedy and loneliness.  Of a little child being cheated out of a long life and desperately seeking the guidance and love she could not receive while alive and upon the earth.  “Sallie” is a ghost who latches out at men, blaming them, mostly, for her own troubles – in all recorded cases, the ghost has yet to scratch up or assault women.

Pickman does an excellent job of recording paranormal events, the tension between both herself and family, and dealing with the teases and torments of those in a small Kansas town, who did not understand what she was going through.

Like a ghostly tale told to us upon the midnight hour, “The Sallie House Haunting: A True Story” takes hold of the reader’s fear, and will not let go until the last page’s final words.  If interested in the study of paranormal activity, or just for a healthy fright…READ THIS BOOK!  You just might come out a believer.



Lit Fest MagazineLit Fest asks Author Debra Pickman questions about her book “THE SALLIE HOUSE HAUNTING: A TRUE STORY”…


DAK:  Debra, on behalf of Lit Fest Magazine, I would like to thank you for both your time and insight into this wonderful book you have written.  Having been within the walls of your former house, and having felt Sallie’s wrath personally, I can imagine the confusion, terror, and helplessness you must have felt.  You recorded all of this so vividly!  So, I would like to ask you a few questions….

Debra Pickman:  As well I would like to take a moment to thank Donald Kirch and the staff at Lit Fest Magazine for their time and impartial review on my book; a very personal perspective of our experiences.

DAK: Myself, not living too far from Atchison, Kansas, realized upon my arrival back in 2004, that it’s a small yet sophisticated town.  How have people treated you over the years since your ghostly “coming out?”

Debra Pickman:  At first we were simply considered attention getters or strange; some people pointed at us in local stores, avoided us and wrote “devil boy” in the dust on our vehicles. Some wanted to be our best friends hoping for an opportunity to be in the house when some activity was present. As the story became more well-known people became more interested rather than critical and today we are sought out when people need help.

DAK:  If there was one question, or statement, you would like to tell Sallie, what would it be?  And, do you think she’d listen?

Debra Pickman:  If she was truly a human spirit being used by the evil that resides in the house, I would tell her that I wish for her to be free, to be able to move on to where she is supposed to be. If this little girl was simply a manifestation of the evil in the house to gain trust and control of the living humans it comes in contact with, I would say, “You have lost and will never have the control you desire.”

DAK:  What was the most frightening event to happen to both you and Tony? 

Debra Pickman:  Tony definitely got the brunt of the frightening experiences and I’m sure he would say that although the most frightening feeling was helplessness, the most frightening event had to be when the bedroom door slammed shut, the dresser spun around, the drawers wildly flung themselves open and closed, and he was pinned to the bed unable to move or call out for help

DAK:  Has this incident in your life helped to reinforce your religious beliefs? 

Debra Pickman:  Yes, we both feel that Tony’s belief in God provided the strength he needed to get through each day of living in that house. Additional investigations and experiences in that house over the years has made me realize that there is a strength in prayer and a belief that God will keep us safe.

DAK:  Looking back, would there be anything in this entire event you would want to change?

Debra Pickman:  The level of support, trust  and confidence in listening to and believing Tony as he described events that troubled him so much in that house. I sincerely regret not being there for him, not believing him, and not taking him more seriously when he needed me the most.

DAK:  BONUS QUESTION!  How does it feel, being interviewed by someone who has also been attacked by Sallie, solidifying both your story and beliefs?

Debra Pickman:  As few people have been the object of the physical harm induced by the spirit or energy of this house, it is nice to know that Tony is not the only one with the experience. Although the physical scratches have been witnessed by many over the years, the personal experiences of others being harmed in the same manner, does help to validate the activity. Not that we would wish this upon anyone.

DAK: All right, Debra.  Again, we thank you for both your time and interest in Lit Fest Magazine.  I would strongly suggest to all, should you be interested in reading both an informative and frightful read, to pick up “The Sallie House Haunting: A True Story” published by Llewellyn Publications,  ISBN: 073872128X    (isbn13: 9780738721286).  Get it now!  Your goose bumps will thank you for it!

Interviewed by Donald Allen Kirch, author of “Manchester House,” for Lit Fest Magazine.


About Debra Pickman

After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at

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