Reviewing The Sallie House; Gateway to the Paranormal Movie

Written by Debra Pickman


The Sallie House Movie, hmmmmm.

Robbie Thomas, self-proclaimed psychic, investigates The Sallie House and reportedly showcases his findings in The Sallie House, Gateway to the Paranormal was released November 9, 2010 and has been promoted everywhere as a movie. Although this DVD is done very nicely, it is not a movie at all; it is a documentary.

This was truly an awesome idea when this was presented to us in the infant stages of the project; I was anxious as well as excited to see the end product.

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I was anxious to see this Sallie House movie because the trailer represented an aspect of the house’s history which is definitely based on lore and not the known facts of the case. I am a person who is based in facts and there is no proof, logic or historical documentation that can confirm or remotely suggest with any level of reason that the Dr. who lived in the house during the 1800’s could have had a home office to do basic medical care let alone surgery.

My excitement was based on not only a inside view of raw footage but also the look and feel of the movie trailer and the wonderful representation of the time period in which the Sallie character is believed to have lived within that trailer. The completed project does start out with this movie like scene, but it’s not carried through any portion of the remaining Sallie House movie on the DVD.

Scott Unruh, owner of Atchison Media and producer of The Sallie House DVD did do a wonderful job putting this documentary together. He did however reported to us, while in the early editing phase, that he had a hard time working with the footage of the man who commissioned the Sallie House movie DVD; a dry and limited personality who did not draw interest from the camera and likely not from viewers like you. This, he said, is why there is very little footage of the “well known” psychic who supposedly initiated an “amazing investigating” at the house.

Fact is most of the footage on the Sallie House movie DVD revolves around interviews not an investigation. What is presented as an investigation is really a walkthrough of the location by paranormal investigator Michael Esposito.

Ironically, Robbie simply reiterates information that has been spoken previously by others over the years. He does not present new information from his unique perspective or offer compelling evidence; unless you count the fact that the “paranormal dog” would not go into the closet.

I agree that the animal’s behavior was quiet interesting and even compelling considering the history and nature of the closet, but I found it the Sallie House movie misleading that viewers were led to believe that this dog had been on other investigations and able to detect spirits. In actuality he was simply the pet of one of the contributors to this project.

Robbie Thomas bills himself in many venues as a psychic profiler who has helped many people with his psychic abilities. Let it be known that when you dig into available information on the internet, Robbie Thomas’ professionalism, psychic ability and authenticated collaboration in helping families and law enforcement is questionable at best.

Personal interaction and research, coupled with unsolicited emails from families he claims to have helped seem to present a self proclaimed status rather than the honest feelings and admiration of others; unsettling to say the least.

With that said, this Sallie House movie DVD presents some great never before obtained interviews with a neighbor and the owner of the house. They both speak of strange experiences regarding their time in the house. These interviews alone are worthy of watching the DVD, but if you are expecting a movie you will be sadly disappointed.

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