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 *Notes for Samuel Pomeroy – He attened Amherst College Mass. from 1836-1838. He then went to New York State and taught school. Then he returned to Southampton Mass. abt. 1842 and held several local offices. State House Of Representives from 1852-1859.  He came to Kansas abt. 1854 first Lawrence then Atchison. He was Mayor of Atchison 1858-1859. He was a Organizer & Financial Agent for the New England Emigrant Aid Co. One of his jobs was to go out and buy up land in Kansas and other places.


Samuel Clarke Pomeroy
Born Jan. 3 1816 in Hampshire Co., Southampton Mass.
Died Aug. 27, 1891 in Whitinsville Co. Mass.

Samuel Pomeroy
Born May 13, 1774 Hampshire Co., Southampton Mass.
Died April 8, 1854 Hampshire Co., Southampton Mass

Dorcas Burt Pomeroy
Born Oct. 4, 1773 Mass.
Died April 15, 1855
Samuel & Dorcas ( Burt ) Pomeroy married April 6, 1799 Mass.

Lucy Gaylord on April 23, 1846 N. Y.
Born Dec. 18, 1818 in Ononolaga Co N. Y. Otisco Twp.
Died July  20, 1863 in Washington D. C. of Typhoid Fever
* notes for Lucy  On one of the deeds lot 9 Samuel sold to Thaddeus & Theodore Hyatt of New York City then on April 5, 1859 the Hyatt’s gave power of attorney to Samuel Pomeroy & Wilis E ( Eber ) Gaylors ( this was a brother to Lucy ( Gaylord ) Pomeroy ) Willis E. Gaylord was a Broker & a Banker

Martha Whiting Married abt 1865 most likely Atchison Kansas
Born abt. 1829 Mass.
Death Unknown

Annie ( ? )
* note I read somewhere Samuel’s first wife Annie and child died so I question if this was his 3d wife. and not his first

Unsure at this time if Samuel and any of his wives had any children other than what I read about his first wife and child

Sources : Wikipedia Encyclopedia, & Ancestry.com-One World Tree & several World Tree entries.

** Please note genealogy is not 100% Names, dates, Birth Places can be wrong. Sometimes they used a first name on one census then a middle or nickname on another. Spellings are often off. Records referenced within this site can be backed up by census or other online records or references.

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