Paranormal Equipment List

Below is a comprehensive paranormal investigation equipment list often used in paranormal investigating along with a description of how and why they are used:

equipment evp


Audio software – used in conjunction with a computer, it allows the user to manipulate, clarify and amplify sounds that have been captured on a recording. Much of this work is to be done on location and after the investigation.


Batteries – needed for most equipment, it is good practice to have a plentiful store of them. Batteries are mysteriously and often drained quickly by the spirits at a location.


Bionic Ear – listening devise which allows sound levels to be greatly amplified. A recorder can be hooked into the Bionic ear so that a recording of the amplified sounds can be recorded and analyzed at a later time.

equipment camera


Camera (35mm, digital, instamatic) – used in an attempt to capture paranormal activity and/or document significant parts of an investigation. There is some controversy on what type of camera is best at picking up the presence of a spirit.


Compass – a good indicator of changing magnetic/energy fields.  The needle will often swing erratically when encountering shifting energy fields.  It also helps you to keep your bearing when equipment crystalinvestigating out of doors, on large properties, or orientating your team in unfamiliar areas of a dwelling.


Crystals – have the ability to transfer energy, to retain it, to maintain its intensity, to focus and transmit it. They are often used for communication, healing , meditation, awakening, increasing psychic abilities, mental capacity and clarity of thought, can increase or enhance teleportation, telekinesis and magnetic force fields.

equipment dowsing

Dousing Rods – used to focus and detect the energies of a single user and the nearby entities that wish to communicate through a yes or no format. The rods are “L” shaped and held by sensitives when asking questions. The rods will normally cross for a “yes” confirmation and move away from each other for a “no” answer.



EMF meter – measures electromagnetic fluctuations in Electromagnetic_emfthe area of the meter. Care must be given when using this piece of equipment because false positive can arise with the presence of televisions, camera equipment and other electrically based objects such as the wiring at a location. It is common practice to shut down all outside or unneeded electrical emitters if possible during an investigation.


Flashlight – illuminates dark areas that are being inspected. Handy when you are in need of some light but turning on a large light would interfere with evidence, cameras, etc…



Infrared or Thermal Camera – is a device that forms an image using heat radiation. Generally speaking, the higher an object’s temperature is, the more infrared radiation it emits.


Laptop – often used on location to analyze photos, video or recordings of EVP immediately after capture. This can allow for more immediate responses to the spirit voices heard within a recording and at a location. Also used when analyzing data and evidence after the investigation.

equi[pment night shot

Night Vision Camera – used in low lighted rooms to detect movement when other cameras would not. Many video cameras already have this optional advantage when purchased.


Notebook – easier to cart around and take notes on while moving through a location. Important pieces of information such as  time, equipment readings, individuals present, temperature fluctuation, specific activity or noises and feelings can be noted and later transcribed into an investigation report.


Ouija Board – used to contact and communicate with entities on the other side. If not used properly, they can allow for negative activity and experiences, influence investigators and allow the investigation to be vulnerable to undesirable forces. Many groups choose not to employ the Ouija board for the abovementioned reasons.

equipment Ovilus


Ovilus – communication device pre populated with words to allow for easier spirit communication. Most models emit EMF readings, and can be set to various modes in an attempt to communicate in different ways; keying in on a spirits ability and level of communicate as well as perhaps the environmental nuances of a specific location.


Spirit Box (aka Phone to the dead, Frank’s box) – based on a constant scan of am or fm radio frequencies allowing spirits to use fragments of the noise produced to create words and phrases for real time communication. most units can adjust the pace of the continuous scan. This is widely used with good results and widely criticized.


equipment temp

Thermometer (remote, digital or infrared) – used to measure temperature fluctuations in an area signifying possible unseen activity or an area to focus investigative efforts in order to capture paranormal activity. Fluctuations can be as little as 5 degrees or as much as forty or more.


equipment voice recorderVoice recorder (digital or analog) – records sounds to included those not always heard by the human ear. Often used in a stationary sitting where specific questions are asked and  directed by
investigators. Some think that these units can be turned on, left unattended and record for longer periods of time. This, however, is not recommended because without an investigator present to note specific occurrences, movements and noises, it allows for too many false positives.

equipment voice recorder2Many of these recorders also have a voice activated setting (the recorder is self-activated only when it hears a sound) which use of is not recommended since spirit voices are often not significant enough to trip the unit into record mode. There is some controversy on which type of recorder best suits the capture of spirit communication.


Video Camera (digital or analog) – records video and audio in a given area allowing for later playback, which aides in the process of  verifying detectable activity and sound which is not always heard by the human ear or caught with by the human eye. Use of this equipment is also integral in verifying the whereabouts of investigators, words words they have spoken and the origin of anomalous noises detected during an investigation.

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