Owners and Neighboring Properties

Timeline of the Property Events at
504  and 508 N. 2nd Street
(compiled by Debra Pickman and Jennifer Talbert)


The following information has been taken from numerous sources. Due to ambiguous records, flooding in the town of Atchison resulting in the loss of records and other issues beyond of our control, some of the information may be inaccurate. If any changes need to be made please contact admin for this site.

April 17, 1857 – Lots 9 and 10 were sold by the Atchison Town County to Samuel C. and Lucy Pomeroy.

April 5, 1859 – They sold Lot 9 to Thaddeus and Theodore Hyatt of New York City.

April 24, 1859 – They (Hyatts) gave power of attorney to handle the property to Willis or Millis E. Gaylord and Samuel C. Pomeroy.

1866 – Michael C. Finney acquired the property lots 9 and 10, where 504 and 508 N. 2nd Street houses would be built.

1867 – 508 N. 2nd Street house built. According to Agnes Finney’s obituary, her father MC Finney built the house.

House 7-14-09 opt Sallie House owners


1872 – September 27, 1872 M C Finney died at 10 pm in the house.

1874 – Charles James Kathrens, father of Kate Finney, died July 14, 1874. He lived with Kate and her family at the time of his death.

1874 – Richard Edwin Finney, son of the late MC Finney and Kate Finney, died September 29, 1874.

1879  504 N. 2nd street was built by James K. Finney (red house north of the Sallie House).


1879 – June 28, 1879~(pertains to 504 N. 2nd St)
Deed #53~It is then deeded to James K. Finney. There is a mortgage deed by James K. Finney to David A. Bond.Sallie House owners

1881 – October 11, 1881~(pertains to 504 N. 2nd St.)
Deed #57~James K. Finney gave the lot to Kate Finney.

1882 – October 23, 1882~(pertains to 504 N. 2nd St)
Deed #61~Kate deeded the land to Mrs. Catherine Bayes.

1899 – June 26, 1899~(pertains to 504 N. 2nd St)
Deed #129~Lot deeded to Joanna Barnes, a single woman.  Mortgage dated same day for $130 held by Catherine Bayes.

1901 –  Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

1905 – October 6, 1905~(pertains to 504 N. 2nd St)
Mortgage deed #143 for Joanna Barnes and held by Robert McCrie for a home improvement.

1906 – April 18, 1906~(pertains to 504 N. 2nd St)
Deed #142~from Joanna Barnes to Agnes M. Finney for $300.

1910 – Sanborn Fire Insurance Map.

1916 – Sanborn Fire Insurance Map.

1918  May 4, 1918 at 7 am, after spending the last three days unconscious, William A. True dies at 508 N. 2nd St.

1920 – Agnes Finney True is taking in boarders at 508 N. 2nd St, after the deaths of her husband and mother.

1924 – Sanborn Fire Insurance Map.

1926 – Agnes Finney True still calls 508 home.

1928 – Agnes Finney True still living at 508.

1939 – Agnes died Nov 28, 1939 at midnight in the house. Had been ill for the last three years.

1941 – Fred Kenner and family are now living at 508.

1947 – Charles H. Finney and wife, Mildred, live in 508 until they decide to move.

1948 – December 1948 Dick Mize and family moved into 508 N. 2nd St. They live in the house for a short time. One of their children is named Sarah “Sallie” Margaret Mize. (She is still alive)

1950  Vacant or used as rental property.

1957 – Roscoe Cook and wife, Henrietta, live at 508.

1958 – Ethel Anderson lives at 508 N. 2nd Street from 1958 up through 1990She is the ex-wife of Dr. W.L. Anderson. Though she never reported any kind of activity, it has been that there was a mysterious fire in the nursery and no cause was ever found

1990 (?)-1992  At some point, Bobby and Colleen Humbard moved from 504 N. 2nd St to 508 N. 2nd St. Their daughter Heather, played with an “imaginary” friend named Sallie. She later identified a drawing that Tony Pickman made as being her friend Sallie.

1992 – Les Smith Jr, and his brother, both residing in Atchison, Kansas purchase the house

1992-1994  Debra and Tony Pickman rent and live at 508 N. 2nd St. as renters

1999-2001  Mary Liggett lived at 508 N. 2nd St. as renters. It was reported by her daughter that there was some strange and frightening non-physical activity

2004-current – for the most part the house has remained vacant, and paranormal investigators have been allowed in to do research

About Debra Pickman

After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at Debra@TheSallieHouse.com


  1. Debra, i have already seen the video and im now reading The Sallie House Haunting book…. like a few ppl before are asking Why is the Child Ghost named Sallie? Do you ever go around the house these days? Was Taylor ever Hurt by the Ghost and also Did you ever find out if there were more entities living within the house besides Sallie? Did the Teddy Bear in the Living Room really catch fire like the Video showed?


    • Hello Shawn,
      The name Sallie was mentioned by the first psychic, Barbara Connor, that came to the house. It was later confirmed by a woman who lived there before us and reported that her daughter played with what they deemed an imaginary friend named Sallie. It was again verified by the psychic Peter James when Sightings brought him in on an investigation.

      We actually steer clear of the house because there are no answers there and the spirits are manipulative and harmful. Taylor was never harmed while we lived there as far as we know, but was only 18 months old when we moved out so he wouldn’t have been able to tell. Having him negatively affected by the spirits there was always our biggest concern.

      There have been many spirits heard in the house during investigations when audio recordings have been listened to later. Several of the voices can be heard and recognized as having been heard on other visits as well. It seems however, that although some spirits are often there, others just come and go (never to be heard again). Some have referred to the house as being a spirit bus station.

      And lastly, yes. The bear did catch fire in the living room. As well, so did many other items in the house (ie. a mop doll, a binky, candles, the ears of a rocking horse etc…)


  2. Hi Debra,
    Sorry I just came across something that was really weird to me thought you might find it eerie coencedence as well. I just watched your story as well as another non related story of the Axe murders in Kansas. I had to do a double take but oddly the addresses are 508 2nd Street. Yours was north theirs was east. I found that oddly strange and wonder if 508 may have some weird meaning. Considering both locations are haunted by evil entities. Interesting fact I had to share with you.

    • Hi Tanya,

      You have very good perception. Yes, the Villisca axe murder house and the Sallie house addresses are pretty much the same. There has also been distinct and loud activity within each location that have been unheard by neighbors or people within earshot. (similar to the situation in the Amityville house where the murders should have been heard by others nearby). Another interesting tidbit that we realized when our group investigated at the Villisca house several years ago, is that the woman Tony saw several times in the house (he describes her as the grouchy storekeeper off the little house on the prairie) looks exactly like the neighbor who found the Villisca family murdered. There are a few other seemingly distinct and similar facts as well.

      Definitely interesting to say the least.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this as it is something I had not yet mad available here on the site.


  3. The house most likely has been built on an Indian burial ground, an simply needs to have a peace ceremony preformed. The spirits need to except and feel open to the love and respect that the land holds.

    • Hello Bob,

      From other researchers I have heard that the indians called it tainted land. Someone else said that they found burial headstones in the alley just behind the house but I don’t know if they are indians or not. It’s been reported that the indians went out of their way to avoid the land.

      I would agree that a peace ceremony would be a nice gesture.


  4. who made the pentagram?

  5. Hi Jesse,
    I enjoyed reading your post. My understanding of that same EVP was “the blue and the gold againts the light/white”. We theorized that it was referring to the aura’s of certain people.

    I will have to think more on the demons in the forest theory before making a comment on it.

    Thank for sharing,

  6. Hi Debra,
    I was wondering which section that i should take a look for the images inside the house? as i wanted to know whether there is a basement in that Sallie house?? Because the basement is the main demonic activity.

    Thank you again

    • Hello Olga,

      With all the Re-Organization, I haven’t gotten to load any images and it will likely be after I get the investigations loaded. Of course many of the investigation pages will have photos.

      I will see about sending you some photos via email, however I know they are likely to be degraded when they go through Gmail. If you have a personal email I can send them to I would be happy to do so. Just email me at debra@thesalliehouse.com with your personal email.


  7. Hi Debra, I am a medium and I have a habit of watching ghost shows… I started watching the episode of ghost adventures of the Sallie house today. I have to tell you I have never felt something so strong in my own living room in California as I watched this episode. I was feeling everything as if I was there. I had to turn it off and sage my house. It was really weird because last night I had a dream of a little girl with the same description. Not even knowing about this episode until today when I went through my recordings on my dvr to catch up. I started to research on your website and I noticed in the timeline above it states that Sarah sallie Margaret wise is still alive. My question is why is the spirit named sallie? This might be a dumb question but I’m curious because I don’t feel that this little girl is named sallie. I think I read somewhere that it was your daughter that was playing with her and named her that? Correct me if I’m wrong please. Thank you for your time. Brittani

    • Hi Brittani,

      As far as I know (last we checked into it-many years ago) the woman you speak of is old and not in her right mond to be able to talk to about the house.

      What we thought was a spirit was picked up by a psychic and the woman who lived in the house before us had a daughter who played with what they thought was an imaginary friend named Sallie. We think the the presentaion of a little girl was just a projection by a demon who was trying to gain acceptance (and ultimately control)

      You gut feeling that you endured when watching the show, is what we warn people about and plead with them to stay away from the house. It is an extremely dangerous place.

      I am in the process of re-organizing our website, so please do come back as I’m sure you will continue to find much more history and such soon.

      I hope that helps to answer your questions.

      • Hi Debra, I just watched the aftershock on the house and realized I never checked back to see your response. It’s so bizarre I must say how sick I feel when I watch your episodes. I couldn’t imagine being there for real. To be honest I forgot what I asked you lol! Because when I get information and it’s not meant for me, it doesn’t stick with me. When I look at the house I see so many dark souls and I truly feel that they cause sickness and pain in people who come in contact with it. But I feel is interesting the most is you are a light that they can’t touch. It’s so crazy but its true! I wish I could tell you everything. It’s amazing how many things im getting. My ability is an all day thing but with certain places and people I come across, some just really stick out more than others, you and this house being one. It’s truly crazy how this stuff exists. Thanks for your response and I hope you all are doing better and happy new year!

        • Hi Brittani,

          Good to hear from you and glad you got to watch the AfterShocks episode of Ghost Adventures. I really thank you for your insight and would be curious to hear more. Perhaps if you are so inclined you can contact me on my FB page via a message. I’m curious as to why the spirits in that house can not touch me. For the most part, I have noticed that, but have always wondered why.

          Thank you again, for sharing.


  8. Our group (Second Sight Paranormal Research & Investigation) would love to be able to experience the sallie house and see what all the hype is about. We have only been together for about a yr now, but would love for the opportunity to go in and do some investigating in the home and on property. Please email me back with any info you have that may help us to make this possible. I have read all about the place and am aware of the risks, as well as the rest of the group. There is only 3 of us, and we would really love the opportunity, Thank you and God bless…

    • Hello Bryan,

      “The Hype” is that it is a very dangerous place. If the energies of that Perfect Storm have your team in its eye, it’s not going to be an opportunity that you will reminisce with love. Unfortunate that it is, many groups and individuals have regretted not heeding the warnings that have been a pinnacle of our home page over the years.

      With the website under a massive reconstruction I do not have the history of details and experiences readily available as they have been for the last 12 years. I think this is an important perspective to take under advisement and consideration before entering the house.

      This is not a private residence where people are having problems, nor is it a place to start the road to your own tv series. Until we have our website back in full swing, I would feel remise in not having all that I can have available to you and you team so that an informed decision can be made.

      We don’t ever want to feel that we could have done something to help prepare an investigator more, we don’t want anyone to ever go through the things that my husband and our family have gone through. So, at this time we are not comfortable promoting any sort of contact with this house.
      I do hope you and others understand our position and please feel free to check back for updates.

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