News Articles on the Barnes Family

Atchison Daily Globe April 8, 1887

A.C. Nelson was adjudged insane yesterday, and Mrs. Barnes, of Cummingsville, is undergoing an examination as to her sanity this afternoon before Judge Sceva.

Atchison Daily Globe April 9, 1887

A jury before Probate Judge Sceva yesterday afternoon found Johanna Barnes, of Cummingsville, to be of unsound mind, and she will be sent to the asylum.  The woman was not present, the verdict being rendered on the evidence of neighbors, which showed that she was violently insane, with a pugilistic tendency.

Last evening she dressed herself in her husband’s clothes and escaped from her home, and was not found until this afternoon, when she was traced to Parnell and taken to her home.

Atchison Daily Globe April 14, 1887

Mrs. Johanna Barnes, the Cummingsville woman who was adjudged insane a few days ago, will be taken from her home at that place to the asylum at Topeka in a wagon, and under the escort of a guard of four men.

She has become so violent that nothing can be done with her save when her arms are tied behind her, and then it requires a crowd to do anything with her.  She was until recently a very popular young woman, but the death of a sister affected her mind, and she has grown steadily worse.

Kansas City Star September 24, 1906

Dead from Inhaling Gas

The Six-Year-Old Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barnes-The Mother Overcome

Frank Barnes, jr., the 6 year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barnes, 330 Park avenue, was found dead this morning in the home as the result of asphyxiation.  His mother, who slept beside him, was overcome, but will recover.  Mrs. Barnes was recently discharged from an asylum for the insane in which she was confined several years.  There was no evidence in the room that anyone had entered it during the night.

The Barnes family moved to their present address Saturday, and owing to the unsettled condition of the house-Mrs. Barnes and her son slept on a cot on the first floor last night.  The father, who is connected with the Kansas City Southern railway, and three daughters were on the second floor.

Mrs. Barnes had been rational since her return from the asylum.

Elizabeth, the oldest daughter, rose early this morning to prepare breakfast, and long before she came down stairs noticed the odor of gas in her room.

When she reached the first floor she found that the windows had been closed in the room which the mother and son occupied and that gas was escaping from a jet immediately over the cot, on which they lay, breathing heavily.

After arousing her father she ran to the corner of Lexington and Ord avenues and called Dr. A.M. Wilson, who came to the house.  The boy was dead when he arrived.  Mrs. Barnes responded to the measures taken to revive her, however, and will recover.

The Barnes family formerly lived in Atchison, Kas.  They moved to Kansas City about a year ago.

Atchison Daily Globe September 24, 1906

The six year old son of Mrs. Johanna Barnes, formerly of Atchison, was found dead in bed this morning, in Kansas City, as a result of inhaling gas.

Mrs. Barnes herself is in a very critical condition, from the same cause.  Miss Anna Barnes, a daughter, who is bookkeeper for James Thayer, left for Kansas City at noon.  The woman was once tried for insanity, and sent to an asylum, but was later released.

A telegram from Kansas City says the woman undoubtedly attempted to kill herself and son, as she had turned on a gas jet, and last night insisted on the boy sleeping in her room.  She will recover.  Her husband works in the Kansas City Southern shops.

Atchison Daily Globe September 25, 1906

The remains of Frank Barnes, who was found dead in Kansas City yesterday morning, will be brought to Atchison tomorrow morning, and taken to Cummings for burial.  His mother, Mrs. Johanna Barnes, is still in a critical condition, and may not recover, according to Miss Anna Barnes, who returned to Atchison today.

Mr. and Mrs. Barnes, who were divorced, were remarried some time ago.  Mrs. Barnes went to Kansas City from Atchison, with two of her children, and soon deserted them, going to Colorado.  After the children had been alone a week, an aunt found them.  Then the aunt found the father, and when Mrs. Barnes returned from Colorado, they were remarried.

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