Land Description and Transactions of 508 N. 2nd Street

The Official Description of 508 N 2nd Street

As Documented at the County Courthouse in Atchison, Kansas


Land description of 508 North 2nd Street, Atchison, KS

The description of the land the house is on is N 8.5′ of lot 9 and all of lot 10, Block 70, Old Atchison. Here are a few names for your mom. Lot 9 and 10 were originally sold by the Atchison Town county to Samuel C. and Lucy G. Pomeroy on 4-17-1857.

They sold lot 9 to Thaddeus and Theodore Hyatt of New York City on 4-5-1859. One 4-24-1859 they gave power of attorney to handle the property to Willis or Millis E. Gaylord and Samuel C. Pomeroy (and his wife).

Land Description and Documentation of LOT 9

I’m not sure exactly what land transaction is being noted by the reference to the “Hyatt Partition” in many of the documents I have or have seen but it seems that a Writ of partition took place giving lots 1&2 to Taddeus Hyatt and 9&10 to Theodore Hyatt on 3-2-1866.

Thaddeus Hyatt and his wife Elizabeth Adelaide Lake deeded the lot to Samuel Pomeroy and his wife Martha on 3-1-1869.

Then I show a deed #51 from Elizabeth H. Lake Hyatt to Laura A. Smith on 6-13-1879, who then along with her husband Ruben J. Smith in deed record #53 to James K. Finney.

The thing is that there is a mortgage deed by James K. Finney to David A. Bond on 6-28-1879. But all records show that Kate Finney didn’t acquire the lot until 1872.

Then there is a deed #57 showing James K. Finney giving the lot to Kate Finney on 10-11-1881.

The next deed #61 Shows Kate deeding the land to Mrs. Catherine Bayes on 10-23-1882. Perhaps this deed only pertained to a portion of lot 9 b/c there is a mortgage record #65 dated the same date and referring to the S36’& 6″ of lot 9.

Then a mortgage record #110 shows another mortgage dated 5-23-1894 for the same land. Also on 12-21-1894 there is another mortgage record #115 concerning the same property. All 3 mortgages are held by Robert McCrieDeed record #129 dated 6-26-1899 shows the lot was deeded to Joanna Barnes (a single woman), there is a mortgage dated the same day for $130.(Catherine Bayes holds the mortgage).

On 10-6-1905 there is another mortgage deed  #143 for Joanna Barnes and held by Robert McCrie for a home improvement (Note: this is the year Sallie died – it may also be the big home improvement/additional rooms that were added to the home?)

On 4-18-1906 there is a deed #142 (seems out of sequence) from Joanna Barnes to Agnes M. Finney for $300 (twice what she paid for the house-is that b/c she doubled the size of the house?)

Deed #171 show a changes of hands from Agnus M. True Finney and William True to Louise Finney on 5-11-1914.

Record #269 warrants the deed from C.C. Finney and Louise M. Finney to C. H. Finney and Mildred Ruth Finney for $1 on 3-7-1946 (this date is 2 days after they acquired lot 10 so I think the dates noted above are the dates that the transaction were recorded onto the books – I think this sale/change of hands was for both lots 9 and 10).

On 9-5-1950 Finneys give up the land via a deed to John Dale and Opal M. Skelton for $1 (why only $1?)

There is a quick claim deed on 1-10-1956 and 1-12-1956 making reference to Helen and Fred Stein and Eugene and Dorothy Moore regarding lots 9 and 10.

This is the only time they are mentioned.  In deed record #312 dated 9-10-1958 Skelton deeds  the land to Roscoe A. and Henrietta L. Cook for $1 (why $1?) **(from here on I believe deed record #315 noted below under lot 10 transactions begins to show the lot in which the house now sits on)

There is another deed recorded 9-10-58 from Roscoe Cook to Ethal Anderson for $100. Ethal Anderson and Billie Joan Butler mortgage the house twice to the Home Building and Loan Association – once on 9-10-1958 for $1500 and the second time for $3500 on 7-2-1959.

The next deed on 9-3-1969 shows William H. Falk and Billie Joan Falk to William H. Falk and Billie Joan Butler Falk for $1 with love and affection (don’t understand this).

Then there is a mortgage under the name of Billie Joan Butler dated 8-30-76. It looks like 4-22-1991 Ethal Anderson releases any ties to the lot and deeds it solely to the Falks. Who on 11-19-1992 Deed it to Leslie A. Smith Jr. The now current owner.


Now there is a Misc. record #283 or #285 (it’s cut off) where there was an apparent question of who owned the lots as referred to above.  The record of affidavit goes on to state that a single man, James K. Finney (brother of Charles C. Finney) acquired the title in 1879 and in the year 1881 conveyed the lot to his mother Kate Finney and her husband. It goes on to say that Kate Finney’s will executed on 8-21-1937 and it was given to her daughter Agnes Marie Finney who was married at the time so she was also know as Agnes M. True and Agnes Finney True.


Land Description and Documentation of

LOT 10

Then lot 10 was sold by the Pomeroys to Charles L. Higginson on 2-3-1859. Then there is this something that doesn’t seem to fit in; New England Emigrant Aid Company out of Boston, Mass. sold to Thad & Theo Hyatt in 1860. (how did this company got involved I’m not sure).

Then it seems to jump again when William G Hyatt and William Lane (or it might be Lake) and his wife, Elizabeth A.G Lane sold it to William G Mooreheadand his wife Cornelea in 1866.

The records goes on to state William Moorehead sold this lot to John M. Price and H. Clay Park Stuxona on 8-23-1871.

They in turn sell it to Kate Finney in 1871. Now the estimated date of construction of the house we see now is 1872.


Now still referring to lot 10 there was a legal battle over it in 1886, and from my notes it seems that Theodore Hyatt had legal right to the land of lot 10.


I also have a Deed record #269 showing C.C. Finney and Louise M. Finney sold it for 1 dollar to Charles H. Finney and wife Mildred Ruth Finney on 3-5-1946.  This deed seems to refer to lot 9 as well and 10 being of one unit.


I must have missed a transaction deed or something because the next one I found was the following:


Deed record #315 shows it changing hands for 1 dollar from Roscoe A. Cook et ux to Ethal H. Anderson et al  Lot 9 is deeded to and from the same people on record #312 (and it seems that Billie Joan Butler was also on the receiving end of this transaction) on 8-28-1958. Roscoe Cook and Ethal must have been Father and daughter?

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