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*notes on Thaddeus Hyatt
Both Hyatt brothers were inventors. They made the bullseye glass lens that made them wealthy. Thaddeus was good friends with John Brown although he was not in the raid on Harper’s Ferry with John Brown. It was said he help raise money.


Thaddeus was summoned to come before the United States Senate to give evidence regarding the movements leading up to the Harpers Ferry. He refused to answer and was sent to prison. My understanding is he didn’t think it right to be forced to have to answer. He took light of his jail time, had his jail room furnished and sent out invitations for visitors whom he never lacked.


When they could not hold him any longer he sent a letter home to his family that said “Have been kicked out will be home tomorrow”. Thaddeus seemed to get into one mess after another and poor younger brother Theodore had to kind of clean up the mess with Thaddeus land deals and other stuff.

One good thing was Thaddeus Hyatt, after a famine in Kansas and after the failure of crops, came and headed a relief committee and oversaw the distribution of money, clothing and food, and stayed till the work was done. There are many more letters and such on the Territorial Kansas online.

Thaddeus Hyatt
Born- 1816 in Rahway New Jersey
Died- abt. 1901 at Sandown, Isle of Wright England

1st marriage was to
Emaline Winans
Born- 1810 New York
Died before the 1860 census in New York
Marriage date unknown

* Emaline Winans was a sister to Theodore Hyatt’s wife Eliza
Their Parents were : Isaac Ross & Jane Elizabeth ( Eliza ) ( Kipp ) Winans They married abt. 1796 Manhattan New York

2nd wife
Elizabeth Adelaide Lake
Born- abt. 1836 Falmouth, UK (provided by Keith Hyatt)
Died- Unknown

Catherine (Kate) Hyatt
Born- abt. 1949 New York
Died- Unknown

Morgan Hyatt
Born- abt 1850 New York
Died- Unknown
wife Elizabeth ( ? ) Hyatt


Wallace V. Hyatt Born abt. 1879 NY.,
Florence I Hyatt Born abt. 1882 NY.,
Mildred L Hyatt Born abt. 1889 NY.,
Ella M. Hyatt Born abt. 1894 NY.

Lawrence B. Hyatt
Born- abt. 1852 New York
Died- Unknown
Wife Isabelle ( ? ) Hyatt


Edward D. Hyatt Born abt. 1879 NY.,
Ida May Hyatt Born abt. 1887 NY.,
Margarteet Hyatt Born abt. 1893 CT.,
George W. Hyatt Born abt. 1894 CT.

Theodore Hyatt
Born- abt.1827 New York
Died- 1879 (provided by Keith Hyatt)

Eliza Winans sister to Thaddeus Hyatt’s first wife Emaline Winans
Born- abt 1834 New York
Died- Unknown


Thomas Hyatt Born abt. 1858 NY Died sometime before the 1870 census
Margaret Hyatt Born abt. 1862 NY.,
Pheobe Hyatt Born abt. 1864 NY.,
William Hyatt Born abt. 1866 NY.

* note I am unsure what happened to Theodore or his family

Sources: census & Territorial Kansas Online

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