Getting into the Sallie House for an Investigation or Visit

We Don’t Advocate Visiting the House


It’s Potentially VERY Dangerous!


Tony and I have never, and don’t currently, own the house. Additionally, we don’t have anything to do with getting into the house for visits, tours or investigations. As veteran investigators ourselves, we additionally, do not suggest that ANYONE (seasoned investigators or not) go into the house as the negative spirit(s) (for lack of wanting to name it further) make it a safety issue for individuals, teams, their family members and ourselves. There are many groups that have vowed never to enter it again.

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Other individuals, never having entered the house, have had to deal with long lasting and imposing attachments and worse. These forces have infiltrated dreams, thoughts and actions of those they affect. Relationships, personalities and general dispositions of those who have gotten involved with this house have changed dramatically and caused unbelievable chaos. It takes a lot of work over several months to help alleviate or free them from the trouble.

It seems a distinct reality that this house and its efforts to manipulate, gravitate to those with an intuitive or psychic nature. We have made this correlation time and time again and heavily warn anyone who falls into this category.

Although there are a few individuals and teams that who go in without any residual activity, it is not the norm and we know this house is patient; it will wait for its next target.



blackened petals as if each petal was burned and then reassembled

The above scenarios don’t even consider the fact that when groups or individuals go into the house and challenge what is there, Tony and our family are affected in our current environment; cuts, burns, welts, bruising and 3 times fires have broken out on his clothing. This has been validated on many occasions and further validated to be directly correlated to the investigations at the house and the manner in which they are being carried out.

Over the years this has been a difficult position for us to be in; to explain how and why this happens, to our young children who have been witness to these threatening and horrifying occurrences (for years our youngest child worried that his dad would someday be a statistic of spontaneous human combustion).

The Double Edged Sword


On one hand we want people to learn about the house, on the other they need to respect the dangers that exist for them and for our family. If you were to go into the house, you would not only have to consider the safety and well being of your team but for our family as well.

Additionally, we have been asked by the owner of the house not to give out his personal contact information other than what is already listed on the website. In light of the possible legalities and so many people not heeding the warning we and others offer (and having to deal with the aftermath), we cannot give out the owner’s contact information, as we feel that in doing so we would be remiss, and neglectful to the responsibility of making sure people are completely informed before they go into the.

Public Records


With that said, I can tell you the owner’s name is Les Smith. Using basic research you should be able find his contact information in public directories. As the site attains complete reorganization, his information will again be located within the site and it is our hope that in searching for it, you will take advantage of and read the material offered to gain a better understanding of this location, how it manipulates individuals, as well as the dangers that exist for you, your team and your loved ones. All of which will help prepare you and/or your group should you decide to go in.

Tony and Debra 2005 How do I get into the Sallie HouseI do hope you understand our position, and don’t think that we decide who we give out the information to, but instead put the same effort into gaining it as you will in running an investigation or dealing with the aftermath. For those on the lazier side, the information is also readily available via the public system.

As another option, you can contact the Atchison Chamber of Commerce; they do most of the scheduling of groups, tours and special events.

Should you get into the house to do an investigation, we would be interested in knowing, mainly so that we can prepare for the possibility of being affected by your team’s presence in the house. Secondly, we would make ourselves available before, during or after an investigation for questions and/or concerns.

Your Evidence


At one point we kept a comprehensive list of investigations but realized that many did not want to be on this list for whatever reason. So if you would like your team added to the list and a link provided to your team’s evidence (positive or negative, captures or no captures) we would be glad to add you. Simply send us the dates of your investigation, the name of your team and a link to your evidence page. In doing so, you would ultimately be driving visitors to your website; people interested in the results of your investigation. There are no strings attached to this offer and no charge. If for anything reason it will help us provide as much information as possible to potential visitors who are just as interested in the house as you have been.

If you and your team have questions or concerns before or after going in, we would be happy to answer them for you. You can email

We wish you luck, and above all, safety and blessings,


Tony and Debra Pickman


About Debra Pickman

After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at


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