Fish Family

The Fish family rented and lived in the house right after the Pickmans moved from the house in 1995. The family unit consisted of a mother and 6 children.

It is undetermined how long the family resided in the house.

With all the activity of the people in the home it would have been difficult to determine any occurrences of paranormal activity. No paranormal activity was claimed during their residency. In fact when a documentary styled television team was invited to the house, they were not allowed past the front room. This led many to wonder why. Did this woman have something to hide? 

One family member did speak to me years after they moved out and told me that they most certainly did have activity. A few of those experiences would have curled my hair.

Several neighbors at the time of residency, had reported that

  •  several very young children of the family were often playing in the front yard unsupervised
  • the grass in the front yard suffered greatly and eventually became dirt
  • there seemed to be several male visitors coming and going
  • the family was very loud
  • the children often looked unkept
  • there were at least 2 of  puppies killed in the street by local traffic because they had been unsupervised and left to roam

The owner, Les Smith reported that when the family was asked to leave, some some major components of the house (the downstairs carpet, a majority of the rungs on the stair railing, a 220 electrical line and the sink in the 1st floor bathroom) had to be replaced. Although he didn’t go into great detail, he did say that what he found in the basement shocked and angered him: the pentagram on the basement floor was unacceptable and was the reason the family was told to leave. He added that in gathering belongings the family left behind, he threw out what looked like a caldron and some other witchcraft items.

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