Finney Family News Articles

(compiled by Jenifer Talbert)

Misc Documents

December 31, 1885 – Skating competition specifically excludes CC Finney


Mayoral Elections of 1913 and 1916

March 13, 1913 – Political advertisement by Finney

March 26, 1913 – Regarding a political card

March 28, 1913 – Vote for Finney and a Square deal

April 1, 1913 – Who is Elected Mayor – Finney

February 19, 1916 – Finney considers re-election

April 1, 1916 – Dr. Finnney asks some Pertinent Questions

Election 1916 – Finney’s last effort for re-election votes


Legal Issues

October 21, 1887 – Charles Finney Disturbs the peace

November 27, 1915 – Deposing Mayor Finney

March 20, 1916 – contempt charge against Finney are dismissed, Finney resigns as Mayor


Finney Family Reference :

Family Death and Obituary Records
Michael Cromen Finney      Builder of the Sallie House
Katherine Finney Wife of MC Finney
James K. FinneyEldest son of MC and Kate Finney
Dr. Charles C. FinneyYoungest son of MC and Kate Finney
Agnes Finney True Only daughter of MC and Kate Finney
William A. True Husband of Agnes Finney
Louise ZiboldWife of Charles C. Finney
Dr. Charles H. Finney Only child of Charles C. and Louise Finney


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