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What sort of credibility does the evidence on?


Where do I get the most updated information available?


I missed a radio interview, is it still avaiable to listen to?


How do I know who to contact concerning my questions or the need for information?


Can I submit material for use on this site?


What happens to my material once it is posted in the forum?


If I submit evidence what will happen to it?


What about my privacy?





What makes this site so different from all the other places out there with information about the Sallie House haunting?

This is the only place you will get comprehensive first hand information straight from the Pickman’s concerning the experiences and facts. Here you will also get the most extensive investigation reports as well as evidence available from the numerous investigations that have been done to date not only by the Kansas Paranormal Group but also by others as they make their material available.



How do I get in to investigate or visit the Sallie House?

We get several emails each day concerning individuals or investigation groups wanting to get into the the Sallie House for visit or investigation. Rather than waiting on my email reply you might get a quicker answer by clicking this link for further details:


What sort of credibility does the evidence on this site hold?

Currently, we can only attest to the authenticity of evidence provided by the Pickman’s and Renae Leiker and KPG members (through June of 07′). We do however we make every effort to assure that the material and evidence submitted by other groups and individuals is valid prior to giving it a suitable home on the main site. Theories, experiences and evidence however, will be discussed in the forum without prior scrutiny by site staff for its authenticity. This will allow an open view and discussion of all possibilities until such time that each member, on his own, decides if what is being presented is factual, valid and authentic.


Where do I get the most updated information available?

On the home page, there is an update box at the top of the page which will keep you informed as to what has recently been added or uploaded. We try to keep all pages of the site as up to date as possible, however we all work full time jobs, and occasionally it will take time to get the latest investigation information analyzed, cataloged and loaded and or linked. Should you have any specific questions about an investigation please feel free to post your question in an email to us (debra@thesalliehouse.com) or in the forum and someone will get back to you within a few days (often sooner).


I missed a radio interview, is it still available to listen to?

Yes, in 2008 we began making all of our radio interviews available to the public on this website. Just visit the Media Coverage link from the main menu and click on radio interviews. Then simply click on the show you would like to listen to.


How do I know who to contact concerning my questions or the need for information?

On the About Us page you will find a listing of the staff as well as a comprehensive departmental listing. 


Can I submit material for use on this site?

Yes, although you may contact any staff member via any link throughout the website to submit information, evidence, or documents, your best bet would be to go to the Submit Your Evidence Page. This page will give you guidelines to submitting evidence and give you the opportunity to read the MATERIAL RELEASE that all parties submitting evidence must agree to. After verifying the validity of the submission your material may find a permanent home on the website.

At anytime you may freely post your evidence or information in the forums. This will give other members a chance to review and comment on the material or information you provide. It is advised that before doing so, you read the forum policies in the Please Read section located at the top of the forum.


What happens to my material once it is posted in the forum?

Posts in the forum are regularly monitored by staff and if warranted we may pull the content of any posted information to the main part of the website. Although the material will remain your property, by posting it, you are giving permission for TheSallieHouse.com website to featured it elsewhere but within the scope of the main website. If this occurs, you will likely be contacted and asked to give a detailed description which will be used when it is included in a permanent area of the website.

Proper credit will always be given to you when and where it is used and we will make every effort to safeguard it from being copied or used in any manner outside the scope of our website. Be aware though, that we cannot be held responsible in any way for people who illegally copy your evidence and use it elsewhere.

Should TheSallieHouse.com wish to use the material beyond the scope of this website, you will be contacted for written permission to do so. This permission, must be mutually agreed to, by you and TheSallieHouse.com website, will be necessary prior to our using your material anywhere other than this site. Should you have any further questions please contact us at info@thesalliehouse.com

Special note: We reserve the right to keep any or all posted evidence in place to maintain the integrity of the thread, however, will make every effort to accommodate a removal request. This decision of how to handle your removal request will be made soley by the staff and in the best interest of TheSallieHouse.com website.


If I submit evidence what will happen to it?

Please know that this site is not about taking evidence, claims or experiences away from anyone. Anything you submit and which is used on this site remains your property. Additionally, your material will be noted as such and full credit given to you for that ownership; this information will be posted with each piece of your evidence.  Should you submit or post any photos, a tag line embedded into the photo is suggested but not required.

Please be aware, that submitting evidence to our staff does not insure that it will be showcased on this site. It will go through a process to determine its validity and this may include a request for more detailed information concerning the evidence you submit. If your material is not used on the site be assured that we will not sell it or use it for any other purpose. Please visit the “submit your evidence” link to learn more.


What about my privacy?

The privacy of our members is of utmost importance to us.  Your personal information will always remain private unless you change the default settings in your profile and then, only the information you choose to provide will be available to others.  If your information is used in the main part of the site we will require your first name and if applicable the investigating group you were affiliated with at the time the evidence was captured. This is done to further the credibility of your evidence and claim.



About Debra Pickman

After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at Debra@TheSallieHouse.com

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