Expecting Barbara Connor

Preparation for our Encounter with

The Psychic


The night of  July 29th 1993 was to be our first ever encounter with a psychic. Barbara Connor had been contacted on our behalf by her sister who was the supervisor of one of Tony’s brothers. This will detail the instamatic photos that were taken before, during and after her visit with us. Specifics of the psychic’s visit are available through the link entitled Barbara’s Visit on the Pickman’s main investigation page (simply hit your back browser button to get there).

In order to begin documenting what we recently touted, a very strange situation, we borrowed a camcorder and a instamatic camera. We also purchased two packages of instamatic film.

To be sure the camera was in proper working order we took a few trial photos and labeled them according to which package they came from and in what order they were taken. Seeing a few strange this in the first few photos we resolved to finish the first package before the psychic arrived.

Greg hold the baby



The first photo was of Tony’s brother Greg as he sat on the couch holding and feeding the baby. It shows nothing significant. The 2nd shows a distinct blur near the baby and the individual holding him. The 3rd picture showed a similar blur while Tony is holding the baby. There also seems to be a haze in Photos 4 and 5.





Greg holds the baby

On the couch

This lead us to the conclusion that the camera was working fine, however left us with the question of why would a few of the photos show a blur in the center of the photograph. Either there was something wrong with the package of film, which by logic would lead you to believe that all the photos would show the same anomaly, or there was something unnatural showing up in the pictures.


Debra and the baby standingThe 6th photo was taken of myself and the baby, and the blur is again Baby alone on the couchvisible. The 7th was taken of the baby, propped up and alone on the couch. There is a small, more dense blur under his right leg.


Debra stands aloneSome may suggest that the blur is the nap of the couch material but we considered that and ruled it out. To narrow down the hypothesis that the blur was tied to photographing the baby, it was decided that the next picture be taken
without the baby. In the 8th photo of the first roll of film, the blur could still be Baby in the swingseen. In the 9th photo was again of the baby alone and there was no blurred area in the photograph.

As we waited on Barbara who had not yet arrived, we grew very curious about the blurs and whitish areas on the photographs. Growing impatient, we decided to load the 2nd package of film into the camera and continued taking pictures.


Greg and the baby in the swing

The second set of photos were just as interesting. Photo #1 and #2 were of
Greg and the baby on the couchTony’s brother Greg and the baby. In one he is holding the baby in the other he is close to his proximity. There did not seem to be anything significant in either of them. In photo #3, I am holding Taylor and there seems to be an luminous area to our left and just behind the baby’s back. We theorized that this spirit was fond of being close to us and perhaps even protective the baby.

We then decided to save the rest of the film for Barbara’s visit.


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