Dr. Charles C. Finney

Dr C C Finney

Dr. Charles C. Finney


Born in Atchison Feb. 1, 1865, Dr. Finney was a son of Michael and Kate Kathrens Finney.  His father was an early wharfmaster here when steamboat traffic was heavy on the Missouri river.  Michael Finney died in 1871 and his wife’s death occurred in 1918 at the age of 81.  A brother, James K. Finney, died in 1942 at the age of 47, and a sister, Mrs. Agnes Finney True, widow of William F. True, died in November 1939.

He is survived by his wife, a son, Dr. C.H. Finney, 508 North Second Street, and a grandson, Robert G. Finney.  The Dr. C.H. Finney home is next door to the Dr. C.C. Finney residence at 510 North Second Street, in which Dr. and Mrs. C.C. Finney went to housekeeping after their marriage and lived entire 43 years of their married life.

Dr. Finney received his M.D. degree from Beaumont Hospital Medical college, St. Louis, now the St. Louis University Medical school, in 1894.  He served in the city council several years before his marriage Nov. 9, 1904, to Louise Zibold, daughter of Herman and Rosa Zibold of Atchison.  He was a charter member of Atchison Lodge No. 647, B.P.O. Elks, and was active many years in the old Eagles, Moose and Central Protective (Anti-Horsethief) lodges.

His decision to study medicine was made at the suggestion of Dr. Dan Holland, his first position having been bookkeeper and office assistant to Dr. Holland.  Upon his return from medical college he opened his office in the Martin building at Fifth and Commercial over the present Robertson drug store, and during his long practice was associated at different times with Dr. William Bogle, Dr. Virgil Morrison, and for several years before his retirement with his son, Dr. C.H. Finney.

When he was elected mayor in 1913, the Globe’s headline said that the mothers of Atchison had elected him, as he had officiated at so many births.  Some of the achievements of his administration were the Fourteenth street viaduct, the first down-town white way, resurfacing of the Mt. Vernon cemetery road to the city limits, a new bridge over White Clay creek at Fourth, removal of telegraph poles from Commercial street, and many others.  He also assisted Mayor G.W. Allaman in securing the northeast Atchison sewer to serve St. Benedict’s college.

When St. Benedict’s church celebrated its 75th anniversary several years ago, Dr. Finney was a diamond jubilarian, having been a life-long member of the church.  In his practice of medicine he was examiner for the Metropolitan Insurance Co. 40 years and for 18 years was the Atchison Missouri Pacific physician.  During that period he held a railroad pass, but used it only once.  As mayor he held a pass to the theaters and attended one time.  He was too busy then to spend much time in recreation.

As a young man he was an expert swimmer and skater, and held the skating championship of a wide area.  He frequently dressed as a girl skater and appeared on the ice billed as “Miss Colby of Baltimore” skating so gracefully that few spectators knew his identity.  He also held the title as roller skating champion of Atchsion.


Articles from the Atchison Daily Globe


December 28, 1883
“Last evening the gold medal was awarded to Miss Florence Guerrier and Charley Finney the best couple skaters.”


December 31, 1885

Charles Finney is excluded from the New Years Eve skating event.

October 20, 1887
“Charley Finney and W.S. Anderson had a fight this morning, which came about in the way:  A few days ago, a Miss Page, a sister-in-law of Anderson’s, had a pocket-book containing $3 stolen from the dental rooms of Dr. Shulze.

There were present in the room at the time a stranger and Charley Finney.  Neither were accused at the time of taking it and the matter rested with an advertisement in the Globe until yesterday, when Anderson went to Dr. Shulze, and, according to that gentleman’s statement and that of Mr. Reid, of the packing house, accused Finney of taking the pocket-book.

Finney heard this morning that he had been so accused, and went to the store of Mr. Anderson, and asked him to step up to the doctor’s office, and retract his statement.  Anderson said he had nothing to retract, and after a few words Finney struck him over the head several times with a heavy cane.

Nick Anderson, W.S. Anderson’s father, was present and drew a revolver, which he was prevented from using.  Anderson claims that all he said was that the taking of the money laid between Finney and the stranger.  He refused to cause Finney’s arrest, saying that Finney would in retaliation cause his father’s arrest for drawing a deadly weapon.”

October 21, 1887

Charles C. Finney is arrested for disturbing the peace

October 21, 1887, Friday
“Jim Orr narrowly escaped a thumping some time ago for calling Charley Finney “Bub”.”
“Charles Finney was arrested by Marshal Price yesterday for disturbing the peace, and was fined $10 by Judge Baldwin this morning.  W.S. Anderson was also arrested on the same charge, but was released.”

October 22, 1887, Saturday
“To Charley Finney, greeting:  You will please take notice that any annoying item that may appear in the Globe in future was printed by mistake.”
(apparently the writer had an ironic sense of humor and enjoyed sticking it to people.)


March 13, 1913 – A political advertisement from Finney

March 26, 1913 – A political card from Finney

March 28, 1913 – Finney and a squre deal

April 1, 1913 – Finney elected Mayor

April 2, 1913

September 3, 1915

November 22, 1915

November 23, 1915

November 27, 1915

February 18, 1916

February 19, 1916 – Finney considers re-election

March 18, 1916

March 20, 1916 – dismissal of contempt charges and resignation of Finney as Mayor

April 1, 1916 – Finney asks some pertinent questions

1916 Atchison Election – Finney’s final efforts for re-election as mayor for the city of Atchison

Obituary-March 24, 1947

After an illness of several years, Dr. C.C. Finney, 82, retired physician, mayor of Atchison from 1913 to 1916 and previously a member of the city council, died in a Topeka hospital Sunday.  He retired from active practice in 1939 and devoted his time to his extensive property interests in northwest Atchison.  During his practice of medicines from 1894 to 1939-45 years-he officiated at about half the births which occurred in Atchison during that period.

Funeral services will be held at St. Benedict’s church at 11 a.m. Tuesday, and the rosary will be recited at the Harouff-Buls chapel this evening at 8:45.  Pallbearers will be Alfred Jacobs, T.V. Byrne, August Haegelin, W.B. Hayes, M.P. O’Keefe and Clarence Smith.  Burial will be in Mt. Calvary cemetery.


Finney Family Reference :

Family Death and Obituary Records
Michael Cromen Finney      Builder of the Sallie House
Katherine Finney Wife of MC Finney
James K. FinneyEldest son of MC and Kate Finney
Dr. Charles C. FinneyYoungest son of MC and Kate Finney
Agnes Finney True Only daughter of MC and Kate Finney
William A. True Husband of Agnes Finney
Louise ZiboldWife of Charles C. Finney
Dr. Charles H. Finney Only child of Charles C. and Louise Finney

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