Dissecting Falsehoods

Written by Debra Pickman May 2008


My dedication to this site and to the divulging of only well documented facts and well researched theories of that Sallie house case has never been reinforced more than it was today when a friend emailed me a link to an article (book excerpt).

The article was co-written by an investigator who investigated the house three times about three years ago. Interesting enough he states in his article a lot of falsehoods, hearsays, and complete BS. I questioned the integrity of this investigator years ago when he wrote something concerning the house. I was at the house during some of what he wrote concerning that investigation and others I know were part of the investigation on the second day of the event. Amazingly, it was agreed by all other witnesses to the events described that his written version of the events were sensationalized to a quiet an extreme.

So now this same individual is writing a book on the case. I will say that he isn’t the only individual to have investigated the house a time or two and self proclaimed themselves as knowledgeable about what is going on there. In fact it is quite amazing how many feel they know exactly what is going on at the house after such minimal contact, research or investigation.

So for those members and site visitors who may have run into this article and wonder about the truth and facts that it might hold, let me list the following corrections.

The story of Sallie being brought to the doctor’s office, which is said to be located in the lower portion of the house, with appendicitis is a falsehood. This story continues to state that the doctor began surgery before she was completely sedated and she ultimately died on the table with a hateful look in her eyes. This story was COMPLETELY fabricated by this investigator during his second press conference.

The fact is, at this referenced period of time, the house was occupied by the doctor, his mother and his sister Agnes. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs and the living room downstairs completely open to the dining room to become one large room, and then there is the kitchen. The house is not close to being large enough to have a physician’s office in it; there is no separate entrance for an office, and no single downstairs room or area that could have been cordoned off to call an office or an operating room. This part of the house would have undoubtedly been used by the family member as living. It is not logical to think the doctor would claim the lower portion of the house for his practice and make his family stay in the rooms above.

As far as the entertainment factor of the referred to article, the sensationalism and colorfully descriptive words, such as, “incompetent doctor”, “hysterical panic”, “pain and anguish”, “her innocent blood covering the doctor” are alluring.

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