Christmas Morning 1993

Photographic Anomalies


Christmas 1993 was our first Christmas with the baby and while buying toys for Taylor, I often thought about Sally and how she would feel not getting presents on Christmas. I had grown fond of her and had been prodding her for the same sort of written two-way communication she had displayed the night of Barbara’s visit. So, I wanted to maintain a positive relationship in which she felt comfortable to continue.

She as well had become a regular visitor, liked being around the family, and seemingly tried hard to follow the rules concerning not waking the baby, and playing with her own things. In fact, at times, it had been difficult to know when she was around.

Her presence, was most often denoted by the swinging of the balls that hung from the ceiling fan and controlled the light and speed. I made sure that when I was aware of this activity I addressed her, so that she would not feel as if she had to go to more drastic measures to get our attention.


Now, Tony would usually not acknowledge her, and on one occasion, after I left the room, leaving him lying on the couch, she bit him on the back of his thigh. The bite did not break the skin but did leave teeth marks, in accordance of that of a young child. I don’t remember why we didn’t take photos of this.

I should also mention that Taylor was only a few months old and had no teeth. In addition, the locations of the teeth marks were such that Tony would have had to have been a contortionist to have made them.

Although keeping the house warm enough for the baby had surprisingly driven our heat bill to new limits and put us under a difficult budget, I still wanted to give Sally something special for Christmas. I decided to build her a cradle for her baby doll, after which I painted and wrapped it, and then presented it to her Christmas morning.

Of course, being the baby’s first Christmas we took many photos. After the weeks of celebration, we took several rolls of film to be developed. So, it was few weeks later, before we actually saw the photos taken Christmas morning.



Among the photos we got back, there were three photos, which we determined to have paranormal attributes. The first one had a brownish mass. This was similar to the one Tony photographed on the stairs the night of Barbara’s visit and we simply assumed it was the little spirit we had come to know as Sally. However, looking at the other photos, we soon realized that there was more than one presence in the other two photos.



xmas2In each of the last two photos, there were two separate anomalies with a distinct difference in how they looked. One was a brownish mass, the second was what I describe as a marbleized look. Because the entities were not in the same exact place on both photos; which suggested that there had been some movement between the taking of each photo, we felt comfortable that what was being seen could not be attributed to a faulty camera or a smudge on the lens.

I sent a copy of these photos to Barbara and asked if she was able to pick up anything from them. She reported felt that one of the spirits was happy or excited (the marbleized presence) and the other was protective or angry (similar to the presence we had photographed on the stairs months earlier). Other than that, she had found it hard to pick up much from the photographs alone. She mentioned the next time she was in town she would stop in, check on us, and try to figure out who the second entity was.


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