Disposing of Mayor Finney?


November 28, 1915   This article discusses Finney’s contempt charges (not enforcing the prohibition laws) and the possibilities for the city should Charles C. Finney, an Officer of the Eagles Club Association, resign in relation to the case concerning the same the Eagles Club.  Paul Tonsing is being considered for his replacement.

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Finney Family News Articles

Finney political ad

Finney Family History | Dr. Charles Finney | Finney Obituaries | Finney Land Holdings (compiled by Jenifer Talbert) Misc Documents December 31, 1885 – Skating competition specifically excludes CC Finney   Mayoral Elections of 1913 and 1916 March 13, 1913 – Political advertisement by Finney March 26, 1913 – Regarding…

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Finney Family Death and Obituaries


Finney Family History | Dr. Charles C. Finney | Finney Obituaries  Finney News Articles | Finney Land Holdings  (compiled by Jenifer Talbert)   Obituaries were all taken from the Atchison Daily Globe. Michael Cromen Finney Born: Died: September 28, 1872 Atchison, Atchison County, Kansas, USA On Friday night, at 10 o’clock, Michael Finney, in the…

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